Video: Andi’s Custom Commencal Meta AM 29 SRAM Edition Bike Check!

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We might not be able to test a lot of gear during lockdown, but the fresh kit keeps pouring in meaning Andi has customised his Commencal Meta AM 29 with 2021 forks and more fresh test kit.

Who knows when the lockdown might be finally over and we can get out and test new kit for review, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get ready for that day when the lockdown is lifted and we can all shred again. In the meantime, though we can all take relaxed rides, and keep our legs spinning, exactly what Andi has planned for his recently rebuilt Commencal Meta AM 29.

Original this Commencal Meta AM 29 SRAM edition bike came in built up with a full complement of SRAM gear. RockShox Lyrik up front, SRAM GX drivetrain, Spank wheels and a mix of Commencal’s own finishing kit and parts from Fabric, but as the test components have mounted up, this Meta keeps evolving,

Video: Andi’s Commencal Meta 29 custom build

2020 Fox 36 Grip 2 Heritage Edition

The past few weeks have been forking good for new fork launches, so with a fresh pair of 2020 Fox 36 sat at home it would be rude not to install them to the Meta 29. Sure the Root Beer finish doesn’t really match the SRAM red, but it isn’t too bad and the main thing is performance, right?

For 2021 Fox has added new air bleed ports on the rear of the Fox 36, beefed up the chassis, redesigned the arch for better frame clearance and added VVC to both rebound and compression damping units.

This Heritage fork comes in Root Beer colour with a bolt thru-axle, aftermarket forks will come fitted with a QR axle and will either be Orange, Gloss Black or Matte Black, depending on the model.

Funn Equalizer Stem

Apparently this is the only Funn Equalizer Stem out in the wild, not even Funn sponsored riders have them yet! The Equalizer has been designed to run either way around meaning you can have a 10mm rise or 10mm drop from the stem by simply flipping it. This model is a 35mm long version with 31.8mm bar clamp, but there are options for 35mm bars and longer 42mm and 50mm stems, plus other colour options too.

Granite Design STASH Tool

granite design STASH tool commencal meta am 29
Granite Design STASH tool hides in your steerer.

I tested the STASH Tool here, and I’ve popped it on the Commencal because it’s a handy trail tool that will never be left in another bag when I hit the trail. The STASH fits inside the steerer and actually replaces the star fangled nut to compress your headset bearings.

Gusset S2 Extra Soft Lock-On Grips

gusset s2 grips commencal meta am 29
Gussets’ new S2 in Extra Soft.

Gusset gave us these lock-on grips at Core Bike earlier in the year. The single lock-on clamp design means you have more rubber for comfort and grip than a dual clamp design, and the Extra Soft compound promises to be comfortable.

Crankbrothers Synthesis Alloy Wheels

The Synthesis Alloy wheels are the more affordable brother to the Synthesis carbon wheels I tested a year or so ago. Whereas the carbon versions boast a tuned layup front and rear the alloy versions to rely on rim width and spoke count to tune the feel of each wheel. The idea is that the front wheel should be more forgiving and more comfortable whereas the rear is stiffer. It’s too early to tell if they offer what they promise but check back after lockdown for a full review.

Vee Tire Snap Trail

vee tire snap trail commencal meta am 29 sram edition
Vee Tire’s DH tech in a trail tyre.

The Vee Tire Snap Trail is the latest rubber tread from the Thai tyre maker, and one that I’ve spent the winter on, in fact, you can read a first ride review of the Snap trail here. The Snap Trail is a cut-down version of the Snap WCE, featuring the same tread pattern only not as deep and closely spaced for lower rolling resistance. The Snap Trail only comes in 2.35in, but the soft Top 40 compound makes them pretty sticky.


2021 fox 36 root beer andi's commencal meta am 29
The SNAP WCE is a downhill tyre, a little much for XC on the Meta during lockdown.

The Snap WCE is a full-on downhill tyre. The tread was designed with input from downhill racers, and 2020 DH teams were set to race on this tyre this year. For the Meta in summer, the WCE is a little overkill, but in winter conditions and at an uplift it has proven to offer a ton of grip in slimy conditions.

SDG Bel Air 3 Saddle

SDG Bel Air 3
SDG Bel Air 3

The SDG Bel Air 3 is a saddle 15 years in the making! Well, not really. The Bel Air has been around for that long (wow that makes me feel old) but the Bel Air 3 is all-new while remaining familiar. SDG has been careful to keep the Bel Air look, but with new foam, a cutout and improved composite base the MK3 is lighter and more comfortable than ever.

Nukeproof Horizon 30th Anniversary Pedals

Nukeproof Horizion Pedals commencal meta am 29 sram edition
Nukeproof Horizion Pedals

Made to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Nukeproof these special edition Horizon pedals come with all the features that make this one of the most popular flats on the market but with a super shiny finish and ltd edition laser-etched markings.

Andi’s Commencal Meta Am 29 SRAM Edition Gallery

And there we have it! A long termer that has now become a test bed for other components. Keep an eye out for more Commencal updates from Andi over the coming months, and watch out for all of those reviews coming once lockdown is lifted.

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