Fresh Goods Friday 497 | Funn in the sun, gravel and rainbows

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Fresh Goods Friday 497 drops with rainbow, gravel bikes, Funn and Granite components, plus a new big travel enduro frame that’s affordable!

Yes, there’s a whole pile of exciting stuff below, but nothing is as exciting as the cover of the next issue of Singletrack. After a bunch of talking about it, we got to see it this week, and the excitement among the Singletrack Staff was universal. Even Chipps was moved to use an exclamation mark in his feedback, and Zoe’s face was a perfect picture of amazement. But you don’t get to see it yet, nernernerrrnerrrr… You just get a little sneaky peeky tease:


To be sure of getting a copy, you need to be a subscriber. Otherwise you’re going to have to take your chances and hope there’s a spare copy left in our shop. But why take such a risk? It’s just £39 for six issues delivered to your door, and the peace of mind there’ll be copy with your name on it.

We are going to continue looking at the rest of the cover, which we might not show you until the publication date, because we think good things come to those who wait, patience is a virtue, and the continuous drop polishes the stone.

Now, let us proceed to the polished turd diamond that is Fresh Goods Friday 497. Hooray!

Ragley Trig Adventure Bike

With gnar off the menu, James Vincent is turning his hand to a spot of #dirtydropbargoodness with this steel adventure bike from Ragley. With a carbon fork, rack mounts, SRAM drivetrain and tubeless ready wheels, this looks to be a great price for an adventure ready bike. Bar widths grow with the bike sizes, so this Large has 440mm wide bars. We look forward to hearing how our Mr Lake District gets on.

Granite Design PITA Pedal Cover

Granite Design has produced the PITA pedal covers for keeping those sharp pins under wraps when your bike isn’t in use. The idea behind these neoprene covers is that you can fit them on to your pedals while loading into the back of a car so that you don’t snag or tear your upholstery. I find them great for when I have to store bikes in my kitchen too, they keep those pins away from painted wall, cabinets and exposed flesh.

I also found the PITA pedal cover quite handy for setting up the sag on my bike. As I was enjoying the sunshine in the garden I didn’t have shoes on, but with the PITA fitted I could still load up my bike barefoot without issue. The PITA come in both large and small sized depending on your pedal platform and pricing is from £18.99.

Granite Design Punk C02 Inflator

Granite Designs Punk C02 Inflator
Granite Designs Punk C02 Inflator

The Punk CO2 Inflator is a rubber CO2 canister cover and valve adapter kit. The rubber cover slides over C02 canisters and has a slot in it so that you can strap the whole assembly to your frame for convenience. 2 sizes are available to suit either 16g or 25g C02 canisters.

Funn Soljam Goggles

  • Price: £63.00
  • From: Not on sale just yet

Funn entered the eyewear market last year, and we actually saw the Soljam goggles back at Eurobike in 2019. Like everything Funn, they are available in a bunch of colours though we have the subtle black on test. Each pair of Soljam goggles comes with both a clear and tinted anti-fog lenses and a microfibre carry case. The goggles have all the usual features, there are vents to clear moisture build, multi-layer foam for comfort and a silicone backed strap too.

Funn Equalizer Stem

  • Price: £65.00
  • From: Not on sale just yet

Funn has sent us the new Equalizer stem, apparently we’re the first to get it and Andi is the first person to have it on a bike a ride it (but perhaps keep that a secret from those Funn sponsored riders). The Equalizer has been designed that that it can be ran either way around meaning you have 10mm of rise or 10mm of drop to play around with. This is especially good for those bikes that come shipped without any steerer spacers fitted and gives you some adjustability that might not have been possible before.

Funn offers the Equalizer in plenty of bright colours, and there are options for either 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars. This version is a 31.8 x 35mm, but there are also 42mm and 50mm long options, or at least there will be once they go on sale.

Funn Solo ES Chainrings for Shimano eMTB

  • Price: £53.00
  • From: CRC

eMTB riders wanting a little Funn can choose a new narrow-wide chainring for the brand. These are designed to fit either the Shimano STEPS E8000 or E7000 motor system and come in various sizes and a multitude of colours to match our build. The narrow-wide profile of the teeth will help keep your chain on while riding on the rough stuff while the use of high-quality materials helps to handle eMTB motor torque more effectively.

Funn Zippa Lite ES Chainguide

  • Price: £36.00
  • From: CRC
Funn Chainguide
Funn Chainguide

Funn makes a whole host of chain guides to keep your chain in check, but this tiny upper chain guide is the most compact of the lot and designed specifically for Shimano STEPS powered eBikes. The CNC alloy machined bracket is designed to bolt straight on to compatible frames, while the nylon guide is fully adjustable to work with chainrings as small as 26t.

Lost Lanes

This is a collection of mostly road ride on back lanes, but also a few gravel routes. Taking in the quietest corners of the north of England, there are routes for big days out, routes for wild swimming along the way, routes that take in pubs, and much more. The maps and descriptions in the book are more inspirational than practical, but there downloadable GPX files and route guides for once you’ve decided to get off the sofa and get out. The book is out on 4th May, so get it ordered and get dreaming for when lockdown is over.

Rode NT-USB Mini Mic

Drink Beer At Your Desk Friday is taken very seriously in the Singletrack office(s). Now that we’re all on video calls daily, we need to make sure we don’t sound like we’re under water. Other uses include Singletrack Podcasts and interviews. Stay tuned!

Privateer 161

It’s new bike day for Hannah’s partner in the USA, and it’s a Privateer 161. Hannah is hoping he’ll build it up as a daily driver rather than a dream build, since she’s hoping he’s got pocket money left over for a plane ticket. But this alloy frame is a good starting point, at this price. For more info on why he’s bought this bike and how he plans to build it up, tune in to this week’s podcast. Designed in the UK with EWS rider Matt Stuttard, it has 161mm rear travel and takes a 160mm or 170mm fork.

Singletrack Facemask

  • Price: TFS
  • From: Amanda

Don’t worry, we aren’t capitalising on a crisis and putting facemasks in our shop. We do, however, have a couple of staffers that are quite handy with a sewing machine. Amanda has accessorised her mask with a Singletrack tag to help her put it on the right way.

Andi is a gadget guru and mountain biker who has lived and ridden bikes in China and Spain before settling down in the Peak District to become Singletrack's social media expert. He is definitely more big travel fun than XC sufferer but his bike collection does include some rare hardtails - He's a collector and curator as well as a rider. Theory and practice in perfect balance with his inner chi, or something. As well as living life based on what he last read in a fortune cookie Andi likes nothing better than riding big travel bikes.

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    £20 for a couple of pieces of Neoprene to stick on your pedals?

    Not only that, but Nox Sox already make them. Plus they use poppers which doesn’t stick to random things like hook and loop.

    The Nox Sox justify the price by supporting small UK companies. Where are these manufactured?

    What’s the stack on that fun stem (for those whose steerer is maybe a smidgen shorter than they’d like)

    Do you think they realised they’d named that mic the RodeNT?

    The Privateer is gorgeous

    Lol. I want the mask. Been looking around for fashionable ish cool face masks and my conclusion is they mostly minging!

    will you be getting the lost lanes North in your shop like the Bike Packing one ?


    Will STW get a cut if we buy through Wild Things Publishing?, if so, can you add the link to the list of retailers you get commission from please? Then I can buy it through that.

    @vortexracing I don’t know if we’ll be stocking it. You can order from the publisher, or pre-order at Waterstones and we get a small cut:
    Thank you for thinking of us!

    ta, my pleasure. Keep up the good work and keep safe

    Darn it. Got all excited about that chain device then….
    Been looking for a minimal solution for ebike, without a full plate… but…
    It’s ‘E-Type’ mount, not eBike mount.
    You’re correct to suggest it mounts to compatible frames, not Shimano steps motors.
    Anybody know of any minimalist solutions for steps.??

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