Tahnée Seagrave starts a YouTube channel with Kaos vs Kade game of B.I.K.E

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Tahnée Seagrave has used recovery and lockdown time to start her own YouTube, kicking the channel off with a Kaos vs Kade game of B.I.K.E video.

With racing out of the window for the present time many pro riders are looking at other ways to keep entertained and interact with their fans. For Tahnée Seagrave, this has meant kicking off her own YouTube Channel, and what better way to do that than with a backyard game of B.I.K.E with Kade and Kaos.

Currently rehabbing a dislocated ankle and broken leg myself, and drowning in boredom, a few weeks ago I challenged Downhill World Cup Racers Kade Edwards and Kaos Seagrave to a quick game of B.I.K.E in the garden! They can’t help but be competitive…

Tahnee Seagrave YouTube

The YouTube Channel only went live yesterday but has already received 1400 subscribers and the first video is currently sat at 5400 views. Tahnée is has asked, via Instagram, for fans to suggest video content that they would like to see, so if you have a request go and let her know.

If you’re after more Tahnée Seagrave then check out the latest episode of Making Up The Numbers.

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