Yep Components Uptimizer 3.0 | Easy bleed seatpost

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The YEP Components Uptimizer 3.0 is an easy maintenance dropper post that can be bled externally, without removing the post from the frame. It is a mechanical post with internal cable routing, tensioned at the lever end on initial installation.

The quick procedure removes air from the cartridge and allows you to add new oil into the system.

The seat post can be totally disassembled and serviced without special tools, as shown here:

The Uptimizer 3.0 oil cartridge is safe to service as it doesn’t contain pressurised gas like the sealed cartridges found in other seatposts.

In addition to servicing the post yourself, you can also personalise how it behaves. The speed the post extends is easy to tune using the air pressure valve at the saddle end of the post. Tokens can be added or removed to act as they would in a fork or shock, and produce a more progressive/linear feel. The oil weight can also be changed if you want to get really personal with it for faster or more controlled actuation.

The Uptimizer 3.0 comes with a YEP Joystick remote which can be actuated by thumb or index finger, and is less likely to get damaged in a crash due to it not having a fixed pivot.

Travel options available are 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 155mm and 185mm at 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameter. There are six colour options and each $420.00 kit comes with a Joystick remote, syringe kit and tokens. Unfortunately, Yep Components don’t have UK distribution so if you struggle with the self servicing, you may have a long wait for parts.

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