The Alutech Armaggedon is the grimmest donut we've ever seen

The Alutech Armaggedon is the grimmest donut we’ve ever seen

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What has a 57-degree head angle, 81-degree seat angle and 500mm reach that isn’t the Grim Donut?

So yeah, apparently there’s an ultra-radical bike out there that a website built for clicks (dammit I wish we could do that), but we’re not interested in that because Alutech has the Armaggedon to scratch our heads about.

Alutech makes a bunch of cool bikes, and like Intense, they like to hand-make alloy prototypes for themselves to play around on before going into production.

But we’re not convinced the Alutech Armaggedon will ever get greenlit.

The Alutech Armaggedon is the grimmest donut we've ever seen

The radical alloy frame appears to be based on the Alutech Fanes full-suspension enduro frame, but the geo looks like the wish list of our ad sales guy after a few slugs of high-strength German beer.

With a 57-degree head angle, the Alutech Armaggedon is around 10 degrees slacker than anything Chipps would ride, and the 81-degree seat tube angle places this frame in the same league as those CNC machined beasts from Pole.

Other jaw-dropping numbers include a 500mm reach, 400mm seat-tube length, 170mm of front and rear wheel travel, and of course, it’s a mullet too.

The Alutech Armaggedon looks like a one-off prototype, but who knows this slack enduro monster might end up for sale at some point in the future.

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