Fresh Goods Podcast 491 | The this week we have been mostly working from home episode.

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In this week’s episode Hannah takes control as she guides you through submissions from the editorial staff who have been mostly working from home.

We’ve got the latest news roundup from Andi, issue 130 magazine update from Amanda and Chipps tells us surprisingly little about why he was in Baja last week but a lot about Cacti. Oh and he gives us a flavour of this week’s editorial email newsletter by reading this week’s opening editorial.

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    Not another, have any of you got IT, no, so how is self isolating helping you or anyone, you’re MOUNTIANBIKERS, fit, healthy and young, there’s just no need, should we all stop cycling, stay in for the sake of staying in, how is your immune system working when its fighting your central heating, get out and BREATHE!

    Hmmm, gotta say I agree with gavalar. Plenty of time to self-isolate after you’re dead. Now, if you were interpreting “working from home” in it’s usual sense of “watching mountain bike videos & drinking tea when you’re supposed to be reading emails” that would make sense, but I’m sure you’re not…

    @gravalar @denis crampton do you folks work in the health care system? Do you know someone who does? Do you know or see someone regularly that is over 60, at the bike shop, perhaps? Bagging on people because they are doing their best to keep their communities and loved ones healthy isn’t productive or appreciated.

    Fahzure – actually, I’m 70. My partner, my siblings & most of my friends are over 60. Hence the sense of urgency. But also, no SARS-CoV-2 out in the woods, just mud, mud & more mud…

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