FGF 492 – Moving Heaven And Earth For You

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It’s been an interesting week, again. It’s taken a little more effort than usual to keep things ticking along. We’ve sent the next issue of the magazine off to the printer, thanks to all kinds of new ways of remote working, editing and proofing. We’ve managed to bring you web stories and to post you all your shop purchases, despite all the disruption and social distancing. The earth took matters into its own hands and added an extra dimension to Hannah’s FaceTime chat with her partner in the USA by putting on a level 5.7 earthquake for him. Yes, Hannah would move heaven and earth to be with him, but this might be taking things too far. And no, it wasn’t that sort of chat where the earth moved. We know it’s hard when you’re working form home and mostly sitting around in your pants, but move your thoughts along. Or don’t. The kids will be home all day every day from now until whenever.

OK, ok, since you’re not moving along, we know there’s a gap in the market now that Playboy isn’t publishing, but we’re not planning on filling it. Despite the quality material we have to work with…

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their huge show of support this week. We’re touched, moved and a little overwhelmed by your response to our plea for support. Every single new subscription and shop purchase has made a real difference to our financial position. Not only that, your kind words and support have given us a mental boost – it’s wonderful to feel like we’re bringing you something that adds value to your lives. We will honour that by continuing to bring you quality content, terrible FGF poses, and occasional waffle. Thank you.

Adidas Trailcross Mid Pro

D30 armoured hi-tops with neoprene ankle gators for protection and stability, whilst keeping the mud out. The mesh upper material is there to make these extra breathable, and the Stealth Phantom rubber sole offers grip on the pedals and the trail. Anyone else think they look like wrestling boots? Hmm… just Chipps then.

Tioga Glide G3 & Edge 22 Tyres

Yes, 27.5in is still a thing, and if you’re looking for new rubber then these might be just the ticket. The Edge 22 is front specific, has tread designed specifically for traction when cornering. The Glide G3 is for the rear, designed for speed and is available in 2.35 and 2.6in. If you’re shopping, then note that the similarly named Glide TT is for traction rather than speed, so is a little different.

Gussett BMX Bits

  • Price: Seat clamp £7.50, Seatpost £19.99, Saddle £29.99, Pedals £34.99
  • From: Ison Distribution

Who would buy something just because they like the logo? An Art Director, that’s who. Having retrieved her 24in BMX from a dusty cellar, Amanda is going to make it beautiful with a new paint job and a comfortable new chair, chair leg, leg clamp and foot platforms.

Renthal Spring Refresh Package

  • Price: Bars £71.95, Grips £25.96, Apex Stem £91.96
  • From: Renthal.com

Is it time for a spring refresh for your bike? Chipps seems to think so. This Renthal cockpit kit is everything you might need to give that front end some love. There’s a 40mm rise, alloy Fatbar, a shortish Apex stem and some of those super tacky grips that are made out of those sticky-rubber octopi that were all the rage in about 1975… The T-shirt, modelled by Amanda, is for super-keen fans.

Smith Session Helmet

  • Price: £139.99
  • From: Smith

No, it’s not a beehive, it’s a new trail helmet for Chipps. He already he knows he likes the fit of this helmet, with its 15 vents keeping his head cool so his brain can keep running smoothly and coming up with new deep thoughts for Editorials in Singletrack Magazine. But he figured he was due a wardrobe update, so has selected this from this season’s new colours.


Who’s sick of noodles already?

So you thought the apocalypse was going to be all instant noodles? Think again. You have have fruity porridges and nutty main meals, and if they don’t tickle your fancy they also sell some of the freeze dried ingredients separately so you can concoct your own. Just add hot water and patience while they cook.

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Comments (10)

    Shame those Addidas Trailcross boots are only for the flat pedal hooligans.

    @gavalar You clippy lot have loads of boot options! Quit moaning! 🙂

    Bit confused by those boots. Neoprene cuffs to keep the mud out, but a mesh upper that will let the mud in

    Thank you for Issue 129.
    Keep up the great work.
    Stay Healthy.

    No, you SPDers already have a ton of choice. It’s a shame there isn’t a waterproof version with a lace flap to make a decent flat pedal winter boot

    @jeffl The problem with low cut shoes on flat pedals is that there’s usually a gap at the side where your hell and ankle make a little triangular void for grit, pebbles and sand to fall into. Hightops help but can be stiff and uncomfortable. Those flexible cuffs looks ideal and I’ll be willing to try them as soon as they’re in the sale!

    The Trailcross shoe is a trailbuilder’s dream. Easily the best, most purposeful, freeride, fun hog, foot down, flat out, send what you built shoe ever made. Due to its mesh construction, probably only useful in Calderdale 45 days per year, but look for a Gore-Tex and low top versions soon and buy a pair of these for your trip to Rampage in the fall (fingers crossed). Runs a half-size large, I ordered them through the website.

    Those hi-tops look like something you’d wear having broken your ankle falling off whilst not wearing hi-tops.

    Keep up the good work, folks. Really appreciate the effort you are putting in to keep us all smiling while we wonder whether we should go out for a ride or not in case we infect a squirrel.

    £60+ for a tyre is a bit of a joke. Especially from a company that hasn’t been seen in the mtb scene for a long time. Let’s hope the quality has improved from the crap they bought out in the 90’s

    I have the new version as pictured and also the previous version under Adidas. The older shoe is a better shoe for hike a bike and trail building. It also grips better IMO on aggressive flats. Way more support for walking up steep terrain too. If you do get the shoes wet they drain well and dry while walking.

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