Been Off The Bike? You Need To Watch This | Innes Graham, Racing Killed The Love

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If you’ve been off the bike and struggling to get out, then you need to watch this. Actually you should watch it whatever you’ve been doing, and listen to what Innes Graham has to say.

This video shows Innes Graham getting back on a bike after three years without riding one at all. From promising results at pro level while racing for Propain, even beating Steve Peat, he stepped away from it all and didn’t touch a bike for years. What made him lose the love? And what’s got him back into it?

With a horrible crash and broken leg taking him out the race game, the rehab process gave him time to wonder what he was doing it all for. What else could he do instead? BMX got him into playing and riding for fun, away from the pressure of the race tape. Innes talks through the new perspective this gave him, the aspects of being a pro rider that he doesn’t think fit with what riding bikes is about. Here’s hoping his new sponsor, Radon, likes his vibe and lets him carry on playing.

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