Actofive Cycles P-Train mixes steel, high-pivots and CNC alloy in one sexy frame

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German fabricator Actofive Cycles reveals the P-Train our new favourite niche machine!

We all know that mountain biking follows certain trends. From anodised purple parts, Judy yellow kit, and MotoX inspired riding kit, to more recent trends like low shock positions, wider range gears and wider bars.

Some trends are just for looks, others improve our bikes, and for some, the jury is still out.

Three of the most popular trends in recent years have been the reemergence of steel, especially for full-suspension frames. High-pivot suspension bikes like those form Forbidden, Commencal and Norco have also seen huge popularity too. And brands such as Pole have popularised the idea of full CNC machined complete bikes.

Oh, how nice is this!

Each of the above 3 design and manufacturing processes appear on a few separate bikes, but German manufacturer Actofive Cycles has taken each element and built them into one stunning looking machine.

Called the P-Train, this German-made trail bike features a Reynolds 853 steel front triangle, a 2-piece CNC machined alloy rear triangle and the two joined together via a high-pivot suspension design complete with on-trend idler.

Whereas the steel front triangle harks back to our love of skinny steel tubes, the rear triangle is a highly technical alloy CNC machined component. Each side of the rear triangle made in one complete piece and the two bolted together.

Beautifully engineered alloy rear.

The linkage driven suspension system pumps out 130mm of rear-wheel travel matched to modern geometry, 480mm reach on a medium frame, and 140mm of front wheel travel.

Actofive states that the P-Train has a ‘high progression’ suspension kinematic promising a poppy, lively feel and possible coil shock compatibility.

Actofive P-Train Features and Geometry

Actofive P-Train Features and Geometry
Modern numbers, steel tubes, and DH inspired suspension.

As with many modern trail bikes, the P-Train is a 29er with a low slung frame design for maximum clearance and low BB for confident cornering capabilities.

An effective 77° seat-angle should put you in an efficient seated position, while the 66° front end might not sound that steep compared to some bikes, but on a relatively short travel 140mm front end, it sounds plenty to us.

While there is plenty we do know about the P-Train there is still a lot we don’t. We’re still waiting to hear what the available sizes will be, the pricing is still not confirmed, and neither is a release date.

However, if you’re interested in learning more about this stunning piece of design, then visit the Actofive website and sign up for their newsletter, or keep a close eye on Singletrack and we’ll bring you more details when we can.

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