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Do you remember how we all debated the 26″ versus 29er wheel sizes around ten years ago. Well, I am afraid those arguments may well be back. You see, at the Singletrack Merch Laboratory we have created a whole new mug size… “the 426er”.

“Biggerer” is better

The 426er mug is around 50% more biggerer* than a regular mug, and that carries several significant advantages. Not only can you be 50% more hydrated and/or caffeinated, but you will also need to consume 50% more biscuits. What’s more, you would have to be some sort of damned fool calorie counting indoor Peloton playing roadie not to like the idea of more biscuits?

The angle of this misleading photograph makes it look even biggerer. It’s 11.5cm tall.

The 426er mug also carries a printed message to reassure the user that not everyone is expected to send 20 foot back flips. Yes, its is totally OK to be not jumpy and not grumpy, so long as it’s bumpy.

ssingletrack big mug

Bladder Problems?

Initial feedback on the 426er mug has been mixed. Singletrack forum user Hodgynd has concerns “Hmm… not sure about that size tbh… Some of us older chaps have slight bladder problems and that thing could just tip things over the edge”. Meanwhile others have great expectations for the 426er mug, Rhinofive is “hoping it will really bring the tea alive”.

Will the industry support 426er?

At Singletrack we already make a 426er compatible coffee. However there are more signs that the industry is starting to get behind this new standard with McVities now making a triple pack of Jaffa Cakes. That’s exactly 50% more than their standard double pack. But also somewhat intriguingly these new 426er mug compatible packs carry the Team GB logo. Will Team GB be adopting the new 426er mug standard? Only time will tell, however one insider has been rumoured to have said something a bit like “Blooming heck, you should see the nonsense we do for a 1% marginal gain, 50% more tea and biscuits is no brainer pal, we are going to be *****ing medals”.**

* Yes, we have even made “bigger” better.

** “winning”. They probably mean winning.

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    Is there a ‘mullet’ version on the cards? You know, one of those massive coffee cups with a tiny handle you can’t put you fingers through.

    @honeybadgerx… good idea. talking of fingers, this 426er has a massive handle. I have size XXL hands, and I can jam four things in first go.

    would the mullet mug not have a sloping top… 426er one side. “betamug” the other?

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