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We let Jason loose on a RockShox SID Ultimate Carbon 29er fork. Will anyone be able to catch up with him to get it back?

I wonder how many riders have won races on bikes equipped with SID forks? Must be loads and loads. More than any other fork in history? It’s likely.

RockShox SID Ultimate
More beautiful than flowers?

I’ve owned a few SIDs in the past and at one time at least, there weren’t too many alternative suspension forks that could match the light weight and performance of the SID. Early ones were pretty twangy but in those days most things were quite twangy. In recent years though, the RockShox SID has become really rather lovely indeed.

RockShox SID Ultimate Carbon 29er

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Review Info

Product:SID Ultimate Carbon 29er fork
Tested:by Jason Miles for 4 months

Jason Miles

Jason has been a regular columnist for Singletrack for longer than he was expecting to be. (IN YOUR FACE Mr Haworth, Head of English at Radcliffe High School, Manchester! - Jase).
After wandering into the building trade when he left school, Jason honed his literary skills by reading Viz, Kerrang! and the occasional month-old tabloid that was used to wrap his chips and gravy before miraculously landing in an IT career via an aborted vocational college course, a couple of recessions and a factory job.

Because he learned to drive several years after all of his mates, mountain bikes were just a means of getting around until he discovered that he quite enjoys using mountain biking to really, really hurt himself to the point of exhaustion – which conveniently provides plenty of raw material for the aforementioned column.
As well as writing a column, Jason writes the occasional product review and we’ve sent him to far-away lands a couple of times to see what this easily-bewildered Mancunian thinks of crazy bike races abroad.

Now he lives in Scotland and to prove that he’s all grown up, he’s got a monthly subscription to Viz.

Comments (8)

    That frayed lockout cable end though…
    There is no excuse 🙂

    Not to be that guy, but isn’t it the Charger 2 on these and not the 2.1? I’ve got the 120mm Ultimate on one of my bikes and I’m sure when I was looking up the specs, they didn’t put the 2.1 into the SIDs?

    Forks that can’t be recycled.

    @robertajobb why can’t the forks be recycled when only the crown is carbon?

    Why can’t the forks be recycled when only the crown is carbon?

    Ah – see, what you’ve done there is actually read the article rather than go straight into Internet Outrage Mode on the basis of the article’s title…

    @keithr: well, it wouldn’t be the internet if all the people in here would be making informed decisions!

    1.5kg is pretty heavy for a SID, they always used to be under 1200g; although that was in the 26″ days….

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