5 minutes with Rudy Cabirou the newest member of The Brigade Team

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The Brigade Team has announced its second elite rider for the 2020 season, 25 year old Rudy Cabirou. The announcement from the team about their latest signing has only been announced but we’ve already managed to sit down with Rudy for a quick “5 minutes with” session.

5 minutes with Rudy Cabirou

Rudy and his team issue V10.

Tell us who you are, what you do and why we should go for a bike ride with you.

Rudy CABIROU, 25 years old, DH pro racer, enjoying mechanics sports and racing spirits. Really love sharing good ride with MTB community and shred nice spots !

What has been your best memory or achievement from the last year? 

My best memory stay at Lenzerheide World Cup in 2018, amazing feeling on track and best result with 8th place in final. 

 You crash your bike and can only salvage one thing from it what would it be and why? 

My Suspensions, because the new set up is amazing and I’m so stoked with the perfect setting right now. 

Giving those Vee Tires a good testing.

 If you could only ride one trail for the rest of your days 

Flowy Trails in Santa Coloma Or La Grand Combe DH  

Everyone wants to improve, right? What would you like to do better?  

I would like to be better on my technical skills ! I dream to make a back flip on the ground.

Which component do you break and/or swap the most?  

Rear tire because I love drifting.

What is your tip to becoming a better mountain biker?  

HAVE FUN and working hard, never give up ! 

What one innovation has made mountain bikes better, and why?  

29 make the bikes faster and I really like it !

Who do you admire most in the mountain bike world?  

Really like the MTB community, great atmosphere! Also really love watching DH WC racers fighting. 

What are you hoping to get up to in the next 12 months?

I’m working hard with the Brigade at the moment to show what we are able to ! I would like to have strong results during the WC season with regular top 20 and it will be sick to be back on top 10 !

Is this the secret junior? Hmm maybe not.

The Brigade Team is a new downhill team that was announced earlier this week. The team is made up of Alex Marin and Rudy Caribou, but they have teased at a possible junior rider too.

We’ve got a full story about The Brigade here listing the team’s sponsors and more.

Stay tuned for a 5 minutes with Alex Marin coming soon!

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