Ride Revolution Bike Park And Whistler – On A BMX?!

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‘Fingers Crossed BMX’ – not our approach to riding, but a new video series coming soon.

Revolution Bike Park has a reputation for big jumps and technical lines – as well as being winner of the Singletrack Readers’ Award for Best Trail Centre 2019. Most people head there with their biggest bike, all the padding (and probably a full set of waterproofs). But not Ruben Alcantara.

Having ridden Whistler on a mountain bike some years back, the BMX rider thought he’d like to go back there on a BMX. He’s got a new video series ‘Fingers Crossed BMX’ coming soon that charts his preparation for tackling Whistler on a set of weeny wheels. The trailer, just out, shows the building of a full suspension BMX frame (comments below on whether this still counts as a BMX!), plus some shots of him riding Veronique Sandlers’ Vision Line at Revolution Bike Park.

“13 years ago I had the opportunity to ride the bike park of Whistler with a mountain bike, I had so much fun but I was thinking all the time : I wish I could ride this on my bmx…after that I started to work on it but I couldn’t finished right and left it in a side…until now.. “ – Ruben Alcantara

It’s looking promising – the story, filming and editing look like this could stack up to be a fun series. We’re hoping there’s going to be a bunch of stuff about the building of the bike itself, as well as a stack of incredible riding. The trailer certainly looks like it has that mix of effort, skills, play and irreverence that can make for great viewing. Fingers crossed!

Feeling impatient? There’s no full release date published yet, but here are some social media links for you to follow:

Fingers Crossed

Ruben Alcantara

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