Video | Veronique Sandler ‘Vision’ Freeride Documentary Coming This Summer

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All you can see for now is a sneak peek of a teeny tiny trailer, but we’re told there’s a documentary called ‘Vision’ coming this summer, and we’re pretty damned excited to see it.

Promising to be an action focussed documentary about bringing her dream line to life, this is surely going to be a lot of fun to watch. With style for miles, Vero’s riding edits are always fun – whatever you think of how the bike looks, you’ve got to love the recent Marin Mount Vision launch video.

Wouldn’t you love to slither and huck like that?

As well as tricks and lots of digging, we can expect a thoughtful aspect to this new movie, as the press release says it’s also about ‘inclusivity, standing alongside your heroes and redefining the status quo.’

Vero says:

“For me personally, raising the bar for women in action sport is not about separation, it is about earning our place alongside the best in the game. Whilst women’s specific events and projects have a place in the industry to drive accessibility and encourage participation, it is important to me to drive inclusivity at the top of our sport and earn our equal place through skill, passion and determination, both on the bike and with a shovel in hand.”

Her dream line might be a little more technical than ours. Credit: Duncan Philpott.

If you can’t wait until the film’s release this summer for Vero’s take on the world, why not read our interview with her, where she discusses what motivates her to ride.

veronique sandler
Happy at BPW – where’s she’s working on her dream line!
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