Win This Rough AF Bike in Jordie's Memory: Be Generous AF

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Give generously and win big with this charity raffle in memory of Jordie Lunn.

Before he died earlier this year, Jordie Lunn had been preparing for the next ‘Rough AF’ video instalment. Part of that preparation involved the creation of a special bike and jersey. To raise funds in his memory, his friends and sponsors have combined to complete the bike and jersey, and are giving you the chance to win them in a huge fundraising raffle.

Jordie Lunn charity raffle
Custom painted bike

The press release quotes Jordie’s brother Craig and says that funds raise will support matters that were close to Jordie’s heart:

“These will include, but may not be limited to; helping children with cycling and coaching opportunities, cycling facilities, supporting brain health and injury research to help avoid further losses in sport and funding research to better understand post-concussion brain injuries.

“Jordie was fortunate enough in his career to be supported by many amazing companies. The creation of this bike through the cooperation of these companies during this difficult time has been extremely special to our family. Jordie would have been so stoked to see this bike get made; his 2018 ‘neon fade’ Rampage bike was among his most prized possessions.

The support for our family since his passing has been incredible. Your donations have relieved much of the financial pressures from hospital bills, transport costs, and funeral expenses.

The proceeds of this raffle will go towards charitable causes that Jordie believed in so that his memory will live on.

We are extremely thankful to all those involved in the creation of this bike and all who want to celebrate the life of my beloved brother.”

Jordie Lunn charity raffle
Win it, wear it, ride it.

Both the bike and jersey have now been realised and are pieces of mountain biking history, as the last project that Jordie had an influence on. This is your opportunity to own both Jordie’s bike and jersey. For every $10 donated you will earn one chance to win this one-off bike and Jersey. Entries are not capped, so if you donate $50 you will be given 5 entries.

To donate and enter, head here:

Check out the gallery of the bike build, provided by builder Gee Milner – it’s pretty lush. We’re guessing the paint job is the work of Lars Diedenhofen, YT mechanic and painter of all YT’s Rampage Bikes – with those teeth, we can’t help but wonder what Rough AF4 would have looked like.

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