What Was Your Instagram Top 9 Of 2019?

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It’s The Thing to do at the end of the year if you’re an Instagram Influencer. Roll out your Instagram Top 9, or #BestNine, and gives thanks to all the likers and sharers and sponsors who’ve supported you on your journey this year. It’s been a year of growth. Spiritual growth, follower growth. No growth hormones were involved, just #cleaneating and a pure #paleo diet. Plus an @EatMoreKale smoothie every morning.


How do I find my instagram top 9 posts?

Just head to the top9 generator at https://topnine.co/

Being the influential and inspirational folks that we are, we thought we’d best reveal our Instagram Top 9 of 2019. We’ve also taken a look at a few regular contributors’ Top 9s too. A curated collection of them, in fact. Come with us on this journey, reflect back on 2019, and pause to set #goals for 2020.

Instagram Top 9 | Singletrack and Staff


instagram top 9

Bling bikes, freak bikes, stolen bikes and retro bikes. Plus a sad reminder of a rider lost this year. Next year we should aim to get more images with sunny skies into our feed – although the reality is we’re an MTB publication based in the north of England, and maybe you folks like to keep things real.


instagram top 9

Amanda’s theme seems to be groups of smiling faces, and mud. It’s no secret that Amanda likes nothing more than slippery slop sliding – what surprises us is that there appears to be a lot of other people just like her.


instagram top 9

Andi is the social media king – look at all those likes! With a good mix of work and weekend posts, and always the potential for disaster, his feed is worth following. No cars have made it into this top 9, which is a surprise.


instagram top 9

There’s a distinct lack of sunshine in Chipps’ top 9, which is going to make him sad as he loves sunshine even more than Jess, his dog – who also doesn’t make an appearance.


instagram top 9

Given that Hannah has spent a good chunk of the year being injured, there’s still a good number of bike pictures in here. Plus, perhaps unsurprisingly, some politics. And if you’re wondering why there’s a picture of her bed, it’s because she made that headboard out of pallets. The sanding alone is worth a like. Not that she gets many likes – to be fair though, she’s playing to a pretty niche audience of liberal gardening bike nerds.


instagram top 9

We’re enjoying the broken 1000 yard stare in the middle of this collection of smiles. An impressive level of actual mountains features in Mark’s pictures too. Let’s hope he manages to sneak some snow covered ones in there in 2020.

The Singletrack Family Instagram Top 9

Let us turn now to some of our regular contributors. What are they up to when they’re not between the pages of Singletrack?

Antony de Heveningham

instagram top 9

Antony’s profile says ‘Bikes and babies, vying in an eternal battle for supremacy.’ It looks to us as though both are combining together pretty well.

Dean Hersey

instagram top 9

You might remember that Dean did the Beyonduro bike test for us at the start of the year – though this collections shows he’s just at home on gravel as in goggles. Expect to see more product testing in pages both print and digital from Dean in 2020.

James Vincent

instagram top 9

Unsurprisingly, Mr Lake District – our Cumbria based photographer and tester – has lots of really lovely pictures of the Lake District in his feed. That recent shot of Helvellyn in the clouds is surely soon to be found on postcards and hotel room prints across the north?

Jason Miles

instagram top 9

So many podiums, so many prizes. For someone that’s removed an mention of racing from their Instagram name, he’s still doing a bunch of energetic stuff in questionable conditions.

Pete Scullion

instagram top 9

Wild, remote mountains, still lochs, and starry skies. Yes, we’re liking the cut of Pete’s jib.


instagram top 9

Sanny is BicyclePubes! No. This is a joke. Sanny doesn’t have an Instagram feed. He might by now how a phone that takes pictures, although it’s not so long since he had one with actual buttons. Anyway, we didn’t want you to think we’d forgotten about such a long term and regular contributor. But since he’s cheeky, we thought he’d appreciate being represented by the bicycle industry’s king of cheek.

Finally, may we take you back to our Instagram Story from earlier this year. Consumers and bike shops loved the tour of this bike shop which remains unnamed. Some of the brands were less keen…

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Thanks for being with us through the year. We’re always keen for entertaining and inspiring Instagram feeds to follow, so let us know in the comments if you’ve got any favourites you think we should check out.

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