Bike Riding As Ballet | Watch This 12 Year Old Shred

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If you’re looking for an oasis of calm, quiet and beauty, a mountain bike video isn’t the first place you might come. But we’ve got just that, right here, all the way from Salt Lake City.

Twelve year old Weston Lloyd is riding the city’s I Street. You’ll have spotted the location in some of the Instagram posts we’ve shared before, as it’s a favourite spot for plenty of shape throwing locals. The golden grasses and sunset light are ideal for grabbing great photographs and images, as this video shows. Props to Weston’s dad for resisting the urge to thrash it up with heavy metal guitar. This is a lovely edit. We’re in a happy place.

It’s no easy jump spot though – those are big jumps and big gaps. It recently even claimed the collarbone of first Rampage rider Kris ‘Krispy’ Baughman, despite years of riding and jumping there. The whole place is hand built on land that the local water utility company and Salt Lake City allow local riders to use and maintain.

Those of us in wetter climes marvelling quietly at the dusty glory of I Street, or living in areas sadly lacking in jump spots, marvel more – Salt Lake City has a bunch of jump lines, plus miles of mountain bike trails. There’s even a bunch of dirt jumps under an underpass. For UK diggers up against risk averse landowners, hold your heads in your muddy hands and weep. Then maybe check out flights. You’ll have to wait until spring though – right now they’re all playing in the snow. Yeah, weep some more.

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