Want To Buy An Islabike? On Black Friday, You Can’t

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Children’s bike manufacturer Islabikes has announced it is closed today, Black Friday, one of the biggest days in the retail year. If you want to buy an Islabike, you’ll have to wait until next week, because they’re closed in support of Global Strike 4 Future.

If you want to read more about the ethos and aims of the company, check out this feature, where we went to visit their new premises. We also had a look at their new ‘Imagine Project’ bikes, which seek to produce ‘circular economy’ bikes with long lifespans and recyclable parts.

And if you simply must shop today, how about this gift guide – many of the suggestions are ‘things’ at all, helping keep your consumption down.

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    Good move.
    At Bikemonger I used to get the post out by 11am, and then go for a walk with my dog. So much better.

    Our shop had no Black Friday anything.
    I think we had three or four customers the whole day 🙂

    If the world hadn’t jumped on the American consumerism band wagon there wouldn’t need for businesses to take stands like this.

    On the topic of American commercialism, can we ban Hallowe’en celebrations too please? 🙂

    What a bunch of marketing BS. All their product made in 3rd world countries and then shipped around the worlds oceans with ships spewing petrol fog for miles behind the stacks. Yes, yes, it is all the Americans fault, but Islabike and a shit ton of other companies and people would not have a f’ing job if it were not for creating tons of pollution every, freakin, day. Ever unbox a bicycle of any brand? a pile of garbage is left on the floor, all petrol and wood based. Where do you think that material came from? How did it get to the bicycle factory? At what cost to the enviroment? Where will it go now that Islabikes is unboxing them little bikes in the UK? Trucked where and done what with?Gotta love hippocracy in the name of marketing. If they and all the other hippocrites want to make a real difference, shutter the company and walk out into the fields with the digging sticks and long bows and get dinner the ‘clean’ way.

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