6 Bike Related Things To Make With Pallets

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Have a big pile of pallets? Like bikes? Have lots of spare time? Want to make something useful like a bike rack from pallets? Then this is the article for you!

make a bike shed from pallets
Useful free timber, or firewood?

Before you read on, a word of warning: making things out of pallets is hellish. Do not be fooled by YouTube videos demonstrating the fluid and swift dismantling of wood and removal of nails. It’s all lies. You will sweat, you will curse, and you will splinter a heap of planks. Still not deterred? Here are six bike related things you can make from pallets.

1. Make A Shed From Pallets

That’s quite a fine bike shed. We’re pretty sure that building it would take a few zillion more hours than these videos on how to make a bike shed from pallets suggest, and the final result might have you wishing you’d just gone for an Asgard. But if you’re not listening to our warnings, feel free to construct yourself this fine bicycle store and fill it with bikes.

2. Make A Bike Rack From Pallets

This project doesn’t require too much chopping and dismantling, so it might actually be quite achievable. We reckon you might need to do a bit of refining to make it fit your plus bike, fat bike, road bike and so on, but we’re going to give you credit for being smart enough to figure that out for yourself. If you don’t think your skills are up to this, maybe you ought to just buy yourself something ready made – like this one.

3. Build A Bike Trailer

Yes, but what does it weigh?

Firmly entering the arena of ‘for the confident woodworker only’, here are instructions on how to build a bike trailer. With the weight involved, you may want to follow it up with ‘how to add a motor to your bike’ and ‘5 steps to bigger thighs’. This is probably not a great project for anyone who lives where there are hills. Or lots of corners. So, not one for us here at Singletrack Towers then.

4. Build A Ramp With Pallets

make a bike shed from pallets
Is that grass real?

Relive the days of your childhood, when skin and bones grew faster and nothing seemed to hurt as much, by building yourself a ramp. Or, a booter. Don’t be shy, go add your own constructions to the forum thread.

5. Build Northshore

If you don’t much like digging, you can always build trails in the sky. Or your back garden. With a big enough pile of pallets you can save a whole bunch of money and airmiles, skip the trip to Vancouver, and replicate the experience here. Even better, you’ll not be needing travel insurance in case you fall off the edge – or slice the top off your thumb during construction.

6. Make A Whole Bike!

Cycle-Recycle - Paul's Wooden Bike - 1
Quite a steep head angle…

We don’t have instructions for this – it seems it was made by a student for a college project. When Keith Bontrager said ‘strong, light, cheap, pick two’ he may have meant pick two you can have. If that’s a bit too bike like, watch this video (which is well worth watching anyway), and look out for the rather more literal pallet bike at 2:22.

Are you inspired? Intimidated by incredible feats of craft and skill you know you don’t possess? Maybe you feel the need to buy a few extra power tools before you get started?

Of course, we missed the most obvious thing you can do with pallets: get your mates round for a nice big fire pit and a chat about next season’s plans. Which really should involve more fire pits, camping, and a spot of bike riding…

Might be the best use of pallets there is!

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    If dismantling pallets is hard work, four of them on end and screwed together into a square, with weed-blocker fabric stapled all over the inside, make a great compost heap. (Cut an opening in the bottom quarter of one side for getting the good stuff out.)

    Not really bike related, but possibly the best value-for-effort ratio with pallets 🙂

    If you are building northshore in your garden the council might be wanting a word. Best check before you start!

    There perfect for a cheap chicken coop. Keeps the pesky fox out

    No that grass is not real! Inherited with the house and ideal for building ramps with the kids….

    I have actually made a bike rack from pallets – its really easy!

    My cyclocross, 26″ Full suspension and semi fat hardtail all fit in it and stand up too.

    If you are taking lots of pallets apart, there is a special tool for the job – its basically a meter long handle with 2 prongs that you use to lever up the boards. Helps speed up the process/reduce the number of broken lats and means the nails are still straight for knocking back through the wood!

    If you have a reciprocating saw, taking pallets apart is pretty straightforward.

    @nicliv Slightly more straightforward – but then you have to get all the remaining bits of metal out the damned wood before you sand or plane it. And you have to get the wood apart enough to get the blade in. I made a bed head out of pallets this summer. The result is great, but the effort…wow!

    I made a mud kitchen for my kids to play in out of pallets, an old washing up bowl and an offcut from our kitchen our kitchen counter. It was a massive pain getting the nails out but result was great and it was all free and fun.

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