FGF 475 – The Don’t Talk To Us, We’re Busy Edition

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Yep, you can try calling the office, but good luck with that. We’ve been working flat out on the next issue of the magazine, which has been sent off to the printers by the time you’ve read this. And when we’ve not been running around doing that, there’s other stuff going on – there are sofas to buy, foreign visitors to send to shops where they don’t understand a word, there are people visiting and people to visit, there’s beer arriving and there are goodies to send out.

And in between all of this, the doorbell has been ringing as the postperson has been arriving with even more bits and pieces. Some is for us, some is to give away soon and some, well, who ordered the Air Quality monitor?

Crank Bros Highline

  • Price: £269.99, Remote only £54.99, Stickers £6.99
  • From: Extra UK

And here we have a full Crank Brothers Highline seatpost. This one has a stonking 170mm drop. The remote is designed to mount in many different positions so that it sits right under your thumb. And for an extra £6.99 you can get a coloured grip tape thumb pad sticker to match your bike, eyes or mood.

Wolf Tooth Encase System – Bar Kit One

It seems that the days of carrying a big pack are over. No one apparently wants to carry a big bag. Or any bag at all. And with the proliferation of tiny jackets that stuff into a hatch on your bike, and inner tubes that strap to your bike, it seems that everyone wants as sleek a bike as possible, carrying the maximum amount of gear. Here’s the new Wolftooth Encase system, as we reported on the other day. Now you can have it all – in your handlebars!

Julbo Rush

  • Price: €210
  • From: Julbo For stockists see Lyon

Ross is looking cheerful about these new Julbo Rush glasses. They feature a REACTIV Performance 1-3 lens which changes with the light, going from 13% light transmission up to 72%, ideal for heading into the trees and back out into the sun.

TSG Scope helmet

There’s something appealingly Battlestar Galactica about this

New colours for TSG’s Scope. TSG’s flagship mountain bike enduro helmet featuring superior head coverage, enhanced adjustability and a brand new look and construction.. There’s an adjustable visor, big ol’ vents and a very appealing colour scheme.

Cane Creek Hellbender 70 Headset

The Hellbender is Cane Creek’s new tier of component, bridging the gap between the entry-level Forty and the super-high-end 110 series of headsets. Hence 70, though really, shouldn’t that be 75, being the average of 40 and 110? Oh, nevermind. What it does give you is supple upper and lower rubber seals and high-quality bearing races.

Maxxis Minion DHR 29x24WT

  • Price: £49.99 and £59.99
  • From: Extra UK

More Maxxis tyres? It seems that the current avalanche of test wheels is running rubber reserves down, so we put out a shout for some good all-round, UK-friendly, 29er rubber and Extra UK stepped up with a pair of Minion DHR tyres, both in a 2.4Wide Trail, one with TR casing and one with EXO TR casing. Expect to see these on an Ibis Ripley near you soon.

Salsa EXP Full-Sus Framepack

The original frame-bag pioneers like Revelate had an easy-ish job – to turn the main triangle of your bike into a place for gear storage, but what about if you have a suspension frame, or water bottles, or both? There’s still unused space in your frame where you could store stuff, but the bag would need to be a special, slightly wonky shape.

Luckily, Salsa realised that and has made some frame bags for its own frames, like the carbon Spearfish bike, so that riders can still carry luggage within the boundaries of their front triangle. Even if it’s not really a triangle any more… This one uses waterproof fabrics and a water resistant construction to give 5.7L of luggage room.

Tioga Edge 22 and Glide G3 Tyres

The new Tioga Glide G3
The front-specific Edge 22

Tioga is back! We looked at Tioga’s front-specific Edge 22 back in the summer and there’s now a rear/all round tyre to go with it. Both only currently come in 27.5 (and in 2.5 and 2.6 for the Glide, 2.5 for the Edge22)

Tioga says of the new Glide tyre “Knobs that won’t buckle under hard braking. The reversal of directional forces during braking transforms the beveled ramp into reinforcement for the knob’s braking edge, preventing the knob from folding under pressure to provide unparalleled braking control.” – so there you go.

Stan’s S1 Flow 29 Wheels

Here’s Stan’s S1 Flow 29 wheelset. It’s a complete pair of built wheels, designed to be an affordable way of getting a full set of Stan’s hoops just for your bike. The wheels feature Stan’s Neo hubs and Flow rims and come pre-taped for your tubeless pleasure.

Stan’s Tire and Race Sealant

You can’t have tubeless wheels without pints of Stan’s sealant to power them. And with the amount of wheels that have been showing up, we tend to motor through the stuff.

Is it time for the weekend yet? Please say it is…

Bike Yoke Divine Dropper Post

The Revive Dropper post is one of the favourites to have passed through our doors – so good it was awarded the Singletrack Recommended seal and was a Singletrack Reader Awards finalist. The Divine aims to give the same action and reliability as the Revive, but at a slightly lower price point. Interestingly, you can adjust the drop in 5mm increments, so if the full length is too much for you, you can reduce it a little – maximising the drop within the available standover or saddle height required. It’s available in 125mm, 160mm and 185mm standard drops, and 30.9 and 31.6 diameters.

And that’s it for this week! We’re all ready for the weekend (and strangely half of the office is independently heading to Wales for it.) With the new issue off to the printers, we can now turn our attention to the run up to the Christmas season – you’re going to want to stay tuned for the Christmas Countdown, starting on December 1st.

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