Pace RC295 carbon full-suspension frame priced at £1899 with shock!

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Almost 12 months ago, Pace Cycles released its first teasers for an all-new carbon full-suspension frame, now pricing and pre-order details have been revealed.

The Pace RC295 will be the first-ever carbon fibre frame from the UK based bike builder, and it’s first full-suspension bike for a few years. The RC295 is said to be the ‘highest performance Pace ever’ and will run 135mm of rear-wheel travel and 29in wheels front and rear.

pace rc295
Here it is! The RC295 in all its carbon glory!

Pace has designed the RC295 with a unique free-floating suspension system and metric shock combined with a modern low and long geometry to keep it up to date. The RC295 will be available in 3 sizes from M-XL with reach numbers sitting on the very generous end of long. The shortest bike in the range has a reach of 466mm while the XL boasts a spacious 503mm reach.

When Pace first announced it was working on a carbon full suspension frame we imagined that the finished product would be priced out of most riders budget and sit among the superbikes of the mountain bike world, but we’ve been very surprised with the final launch pricing.

The complete and full carbon frame, with custom carbon frame protector, DT Swiss rear axle, Hope seat post clamp and a factory-tuned RockShox Deluxe RT3 rear shock is priced at £1899, which is considerably less than we imagined it would cost. That price is the UK RRP with VAT included but doesn’t include shipping costs (Available Worldwide).

Pace have updated their website with more details of the Pace RC295 and will begin pre-orders in November with delivery expected to happen in December, just in time for Christmas.

For more details visit the website.

It’s coming up to a year since we revealed our new prototype Pace RC295 and since then we’ve been putting in the hard miles, sweating the details and buffing the design for production. And now we’re ready- tooled up and fired up with the first production frame out of the mould and ready for assembly with our latest cool 2020 build kits. Like our other framesets the RC295 will now be available as an Ultimate or Select Rolling Chassis, choice of two Factory Ultimate and Select complete bike builds (as well as a Custom Build Option) and of course a Frame only option but within that frame kit we thought that a premium product like this should come fully loaded.

So we’ve equipped our Pace frame with the superb Rockshox Deluxe RT3 factory tuned to compliment the kinematics of the ‘295 with the shock also featuring an Offset Bushing to allow adjustment of the bikes ride height and compliment your choice of 29er or 27.5”+ rear wheel. The frame also comes equipped with a top drawer finishing kit- Thru Axle from DTSwiss, Seatclamp from Hope and a complete spare Pace Gear Hanger Kit.

For protection we’re also including a full size carbon fibre frame protector for the underside of the mainframe custom moulded by Rockguardz, plus a pair of Armour Tubes to protect the cables and hoses beneath the BB.

And if you think this sounds like a great quality package then consider this- the full carbon RC295 equipped with all these premium brands will cost just £1899… thats right not just a great spec’ but top value too! We’ll soon be able to confirm availability and delivery dates for the three frame sizes (M, L and XL) as well as full detailed spec’ of the Ultimate and Select model Rolling Chassis and Bike Builds.

Frame price of £1899. Price quoted includes UK VAT but excludes delivery (available Worldwide). Pre-Order available in November with delivery in December. 

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Comments (19)

    “we imagined that the finished product would be priced out of most riders budget…………….

    ……….priced at £1899, which is considerably less than we imagined it would cost.”

    Nice bike but I think you’re confusing “most” riders disposable income with the top 1%.

    Is that carbon wrap on those Fox 36’s?

    The pricing puts in in line with an Aluminium alloy Nomad, a whole chunk less than the carbon fibre Nomad…

    When do you (Singletrack) get to ride one?

    Great price compared to the new tallboy frame £3.4k I’ve been looking at ..
    Any Demos

    Really well priced, considering full alloy FS frames start at around £1,300 (Bird, Commencal) and the Canyon Spectral carbon frameset is £2,250, and the Nukeproof reactor in carbon is £2,500.

    445mm seattube on a medium?…..450mm on a large hope hb130

    Aside from the stupid seatube it looks great.

    Threaded bottom bracket please.

    “dumbbot October 21, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    445mm seattube on a medium?…..450mm on a large hope hb130

    Aside from the stupid seatube it looks great.”

    Aye, but the medium Pace has almost as much reach as the large Hope, and the wheelbase is closer to the XL Hope than the L. So comparing the two you basically go up one size.

    Do ya really think this was made with the same materials as, say, the Tallboy mentioned here? How could it really be priced so so much less? Anywhere the factory needs to put many mm’s of material, they can easily layer in a big dose of fiberglass, radically altering the cost/weight. Just because it’s black on the outside don’t mean it’s as light, stiff and super strong as a top tier frame. I will quote a famous smart guy…
    Light, strong or cheap. Pick 2, ‘Keith Bontrager’

    @Northwind, I hear ya, but i think what I was trying to say was that I’d personally struggle to get anything more than a 125 dropper on that….i’d be wanting a shorter seatttube of a smaller size which they dont do.

    And i’d also so dusty makes a fair point there as well.

    “Light, strong or cheap. Pick 2, ‘Keith Bontrager’”

    While it’s cheaper than a Tallboy, it’s not cheap. It’s still an awful lot of money. And the Tallboy price is probably gouging a bit.

    “The pricing puts in in line with an Aluminium alloy Nomad, a whole chunk less than the carbon fibre Nomad…”

    Not denying it’s cheaper than some others, just commenting on the narrative of the article that “most” people could afford a £1900 frame. I ride in Surrey, home of the stereotypical A4 with a carbon 5010 on the roof, and still think that narrative is daft. “most” (modal average) people are riding round the trails on £600 Carrera hardtails!

    @dogbone yes threaded BB 73mm shell!

    @dumbbot the pictures you can see is of the prototype, the production frame will take a 170mm dropper with it slammed into the frame so the seatube looks spot on on the production frame.

    Sophie – any details on tyre clearance in 29er mode, and approx frame weight including shock?

    I gotta agree with the comments on ST length. Yeah, the reach is long in relative terms, so you can look at the medium as being equal to most brand’s large, but that becomes a problem when the smallest size offered is that medium. So the smallest ST is the 445; I’m 5’8″ of average proportions and not every 125mm dropper would actually fit in there for me. So this bike would never make my shortlist (pun intended).

    Pity, cos it looks pretty good & I like Pace as a brand – they’ve been there for the long haul and produced some good products over the years.

    @SSBonty @dustytires frame weight is 2.95kg on the large. The frame is made from one of the industries best – Handlaid full carbon frame with Toray, Uni Directional carbon fibre.

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