• I’d like to mock, but I secretly want a Viva. My grandad had one and I just love the shape, like a tiny muscle car. (and there was an australian version with a smallblock in it…)

  • pothead


    Unless you race (dh or xc) seriously I struggle to see why people need more than 1 proper mtb these days

    My 2 main bikes are both capable of doing all the riding I do… But they do it differently, and variety is good

  • If you think that level of disruption to your commute is unaccaptable, you’re going to bloody hate the results of climate change, tube cancelled due to Thames on the lines

  • I agree with them for the most part but the tube is daft- it’s mass transit ffs. Yes the idea was to be very visible but there’s smarter ways to do that.

    I disagree with the people who say that inconveniencing the public is a bad idea; you hear the same about strikes, and tbf if you go along with that you basically turn yourself irrelevant,…[Read more]

  • Honestly it depends on your 5 year old bike and new bike. That’s how old mine is, I went up a size and stuck an angleset in it and it’s really a very similar shape to a lot of new bikes. That “bigger everywhere” norco that was on here the other day frinstance has extremely similar geometry, as does the bike model that replaced mine and is now…[Read more]

  • stumpy01


    I’ve not seen those rubber bumpers before. Are they just to firm up the bed?

    Yeah, they just add more tension to the spring setup and more stability to the bed overall. It’s not a massive difference but worth it.

    I’m pretty sure 3dlac isn’t just hairspray- though I think it’s pretty much hairspray with some stuff taken o…[Read more]