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    Yep, that’s why I put the rebuttal in before you even responded.

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    She’s not deluded. She’s just unscrupulous and innately dishonest. Unlike Johnson she knows the difference between truth and lies, she just doesn’t think it applies to her (Johnson I think really doesn’t know that they’re not the same thing)

    (OOB might consider that a personal attack but it’s just a statement of facts. She’s got 0 chance of being…[Read more]

  • chiefgrooveguru


    a DHR2 has so much less drag and enough grip.

    I find they land in the same place as the old butcher- as you say not too much drag, and enough grip. But also when it slides, it slides really nicely rather than being all grip-or-death.

    And after taking my dh carcass DHF 2.5s out to the Mega I’ve got a new appreciation…[Read more]

  • I’ve bought tons of stuff on aliexpress but never anything more complicated for bikes than a chainring (which they’re great for, £8 for a perfectly good narrow-wide in a BCD and size that nobody else seems to want to do, stuff like that where normally production volumes would be too low without such a vast reach)

    Weirdly, the payment protection…[Read more]

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    I crowdfunded it so I get free entry on my birthday, need to do something about that 🙂

  • BillOddie


    a better question would be “Would the Government declare a national emergency if Slough flooded?

    Probably yes- because thanks to the lib dems, they actually have a good chance of winning Slough in the general election.

    Not for any other reason obviously

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    Libdems are shooting themselves in the foot with this Canterbury thing. I get the whole thing about them needing to be anti-labour to pick up tory seats, but this betrays their true intentions. They’re more interested in beating labout than they are the tories.

    Same as with the Unite for Remain pact, it’s just that this is e…[Read more]

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    Yet other European countries manage… France has had environmentally energy to spare with it’s nuclear program.

    EDF are an interesting example to choose. Mostly because it’s not privatised. Much like the trains, when we talk about privatisation in the UK it often means “nationalisation, just with a different nation than us”…[Read more]

  • DHR2 works great behind a shorty or mary ime. The 2.4 is a bit knobblier than the 2.3 so it’s a little slower but also a bit grippier, brakes really well.

    Exo is a bit weedy, I usually get on fine with it but that’s just because I’m not hard on tyres for some reason, maybe because I weigh nowt.

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    Am I missing something? all the polls are suggesting a lower % of the vote for the tories than in 2017. so how does this translate into a huge majority for the tories?

    FPTP being fucked. You know that…

    2017, May got 42.4% of the vote and Corbyn got 40.0%, which translated into 317 and 262 seats- 48.7% and 40.3% of seats…[Read more]

  • sootyandjim


    …while occupying their country

    Nice use of divisive and factually incorrect language.

    Just for clarity, Aughnacloy is in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom.

    Not divisive or inaccurate at all. Aidan McAnespie was born and bred in Aughnacloy, it was his country no matter whether you think it s…[Read more]

  • teachingtech is usually pretty reliable, here’s a review:

    It’s more of a competitor for the CR10S Pro than the Ender but it seems to sit between the two on price.

  • The Artillery Sidewinder’s getting some really good discounts now as well- not as cheap as the Ender and lacks the epic aftermarket and community, but has some advantages

  • parkesie


    My mystic 8 ball says injector dead if your filter isn’t at fault.

    Doubt it, the tdci’s run pretty happily with 1 diff injector (unless it hydrolocks a cylinder). Lots of smoke but they run.

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    why is the spin lopsided making the tories sound generous while labour sound irresponsible?

    I can’t possible imagine.

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    Rubber mallet for me. I do own a headset press but the hammer works with all headset standards, and won’t ever rotate the cups (if you’re doing an angleset or you want to line up logos)

    Sure, you can screw up and put it in really squint… But you can screw up with a headset press too, if you’re that useless

  • I have a cheap tacx one, and good headphones, so I just sit on it and plod out intervals while watching dvds. I’d love a smart trainer tbh but all I need is the basics

  • Sort of. I was off the bike due to injury (broken wrist) but now I’m more or less off the bike because I’m unfit and lazy and riding’s not in my routine. Need to get that fixed…

  • I don’t know if the filter setup is the same as the mk3 tdci but my experience with that was that it was incredibly unfussy. Like, I just filled it, cranked it and went, took minutes. Actually was more effort to refit it into the bloody awkward filter holder. Not even really priming like most people talk of.

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    IMO with kneepads, unless you want to wear them under other clothes, bigger is always better. The daft “kneewarmers with squishy bits” like Gform don’t offer much protection, and mine were actually warmer and less comfy than my big bulky 661 Rages (because the big ones can be soft and loose and have opening and good knee-forming shapes, while the…[Read more]

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