New Stan’s NoTubes DART: Dual Action Repair for Tubeless

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Stan’s NoTubes reveals the DART, a new product to repair tubeless tyre punctures and slices that are 5mm or larger.

Before we move on to the news about this new product, we’d just like to draw your attention to the first line of the press release:

“BIG FLATS, NY (October 7, 2019) – Stan’s NoTubes is proud to introduce the DART, an entirely new and better way to repair tubeless tire punctures and slices that are 5mm or larger.”

Yes, Stan’s is based in a town called Big Flats. We find this strangely pleasing.

Stan’s NoTubes DART
The doctor will be with you shortly

Anyway, onwards to the new thingamajig. It’s a tubeless wotsit. A noodle, poo-stick, a salami, a plug. Only it’s not. It’s a DART: Dual Action Repair for Tubeless.

Unlike conventional plug tools, which function by pressing pieces of rubber/poo-stick/salami into a puncture, Stan’s NoTubes DART tool also reacts with Stan’s tyre sealant to fill the puncture and create an airtight bond with the tyre.

Stan’s NoTubes DART
Alien growth

What makes Stan’s NoTubes DART ‘dual action’ is its use of both mechanical sealing and chemical sealing. A barbed tip with special material mechanically anchors into the tyre and fills the puncture, while ‘a simple, safe compound chemically reacts with Stan’s sealant, creating the fastest, easiest, and most reliable solution for repairing and sealing slices and large punctures in tubeless mountain, road, and gravel bike tyres.’

The press release goes on to say that it reacts with latex sealant, which makes us think that maybe the Stan’s NoTubes DART will work with other brands of latex sealant. It’s quite an unusual looking thing – more like a set of false eyelashes or a mini chimney brush that the sticky strips we’re used to seeing.

Stan’s NoTubes DART
Careful where you’re putting those eyelashes

Stan’s is claiming a number of extra benefits over other tubeless plugs, including:

  • no long or sharp tips to cause damage to rim tape or cut hands.
  • barbed to anchor firmly in place and stay put
  • more flexible and better able to contour to the shapes of different punctures, maximizing surface area to increase the sealing reaction. won’t pull out while riding
  • doesn’t require trimming once inserted
  • length of the rod is specifically calibrated to insert DARTs to the perfect depth every time meaning no damage to rim or rim tape during a fast repair.
  • double-sided head of the tool holds two sealed DARTs on each side, allowing both to be used quickly in succession to seal very large slices or snake bite-like punctures that create multiple holes.
  • molded plastic handle that is easy to hold and allows precise placement
  • handle includes a built-in valve core remover
  • a complete Stan’s NoTubes DART Tool, including two loaded DARTs, weighs 15g. The rod that presses DARTs into punctures is made of ultralight, corrosion-resistant, and incredibly strong carbon.
  • made to be stored for extended periods

The video about the DART’s development is worth a look, even if only for its inclusion of the biggest tubeless repair spike tools we’ve ever seen. It’s surprising just how much of the DART sticks out of your tyre too, but apparently it doesn’t need cutting off or trimming. Count us intrigued!

Both the DART Tool (MSRP: UK£/US$25) and DART Refill (MSRP: UK£/US$20) will be available for purchase beginning in late October.

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