First Ride Review | 2020 Norco Sight A2

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Hannah gets a quick spin out on the new 2020 Norco Sight A2, before its official launch.

Norco, the Candian brand available in the UK through high street store and online retailer, Evans Cycles has been gradually working through its range bringing the models up to date with modern trends. Some of its offerings – like the Norco Fluid I tested last year – offer good value for money, while there are still the big bucks options for those with cash to splash.

We’ve previously tested the alloy Sight, back in 2018, but at the time I didn’t get to swing a leg over it. This then was my first opportunity to try out this big travel bike from Norco. It is, of course, also available in carbon, and in 27.5in wheeled guise.

This Norco Sight test bike arrived before any information about what the bike would be was available – so choosing it was a bit of a stab in the dark. I perhaps shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that the travel on it had grown by 10mm at either end compared to last year, making it a 150/160mm beast of a bike. I received the alloy 29er frame with mid-range build kit in a medium size, which revealed itself to have a reach of 455mm. Happily, since this has grown from 427mm reach on the 2019 model, this didn’t prove to be too much for my 175cm height – despite the fact that it is now longer than the previous size large.

Norco Sight
Testing conditions have been autumnal.

Indeed, there’s heaps of standover and I’ve got a good length of seatpost sticking out – those with stronger upper bodies that like a more forward position may well find they’re able to size up.

The previous year saw a 66.5 degree head angle, and 73.9 degree effective seat tube angle. For 2020, that’s changed up to 64 degree head angle and a 77.3 degree seat tube angle. You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a completely different bike. Indeed, this does seem to be what Norco is aiming for – the old Norco Optic was given a similar all over changes treatment.

Norco Sight 2020 Specification

There are some nice little touches which may be appreciated by some. Two sets of bottle cage mounts inside the front triangle would seem to offer space for a bottle plus one of those frame mounted tool or enduro pouches that are becoming so popular – no need for any straps to rub your frame.

Norco Sight
A second set of bosses, for your enduro set up?

The shock and fork have a specific tune for the bike – as we saw previously on the new Norco Optic. To help you get the most out of your ride, Norco is launching an app: ‘RideAligned’. This will apparently help you set up your bike just right for your weight and ride style – but as it’s only launched on 30th October you and I will both have to wait to see how this works in practice.

What is the Norco Sight now then? A beefed up enduro bike? A mini downhill bike? I took the Sight A2 to the trails to find out.

On The Trail

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