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Here’s a quick round up of Chris Porter interviews, so you can revise, refresh and get opinionated on all things bouncy.

It’s always worth listening to what Chris Porter of Mojo has to say – if you can follow it, you’ll definitely learn something. There can’t be many people in this world who know more about mountain bike suspension. Luckily, the wonders of modern technology mean we can easily press rewind if we get a bit boggled and need to listen again. We’ve compiled a selection of wise words from the suspension guru. Watch, listen, digest and then get yourself down the pub where you can now sound informed and insightful when it comes to the state of modern bicycle suspension.

Update! Friday 18th October – an extra video from Formula…

1A. We’ve All Been Getting It Wrong…

How many things have we been getting wrong when we look at bike design? Chris reckons quite a few. He’s probably right.

1B. Chainless Bikes

We’ll start with this video from Formula. Why are bikes faster without a chain?

2. Secret Forks

Next up, another video from Formula, recorded as part of their UK tour this summer. What secrets has Chris Porter been hiding in plain sight?

3. Design Limits

Got a bit longer to sit and absorb some of Chris’ views? He came to chat to us when we were testing the Geometron for Issue 123 of Singletrack.

4. Faster Wheels

Maybe you’re at work and can’t sit and watch videos? Well, we have a MakingUpTheNumbers podcast for you – this time Chris Porter is talking not about suspension, but about fork offset, mullet wheels, and bike geometry.

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