Eurobike 2019: TRP DH7 Drivetrain first look

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Not exactly surprising after all the leaks and spy photos, but TRP has now officially released it’s first drivetrain the TRP DH7.

Head to the TRP booth at Eurobike and fight your way to the front, and you might finally get to hold, play with and photograph the new TRP DH7 drivetrain.

TRP DH7 rshifter
TRP DH7 shifter

TRP had been openly testing this downhill-specific drivetrain with Aaron Gwin as early as last year, but they’ve waited till Eurobike 2019 to finally release it to the public.

Available individually or as a set for around $300, the TRP DH7 consists of a short cage rear derailleur and TRP shifter that promises to give you precise and reliable shifting in all conditions.

TRP DH7 rear mech
Available with black, gold or silver highlights.

It has worked for Aaron Gwin for the past few years on the Downhill World Cup circuit, so we’ve no doubt it should handle whatever abuse us mere mortals can dish up.

So what makes the DH7 drivetrain such a big deal? Well, it comes with features that are quite downhill specific such as a feature called Hall Lock, named after Aaron Gwin’s mechanic. Hall Lock is a lever integrated into the hanger which locks the movement of the B-Knuckle around the mounting bolt while closed. Opening the lock up makes rear wheel removal easier, but the main benefits are to improve chain retention and noise reduction. Riders can fine tune the tension of the Hall Lock to suit their preferences.

The two lever DH7 shifter.

Another key feature to the DH7 rear mech is the adjustable ratchet style clutch which you’re able to dial to best suit the rear suspension of your bike.

At the shifter end is a 7 speed specific lever that is available in black, silver, and gold colours. There are two push levers on the shifter for fast accurate shifting, even for WC riders.

TRP DH7 rear mech
The 7 speeder in action.

Although launched today, the DH7 drivetrain has already seen 2 years of service on WC teams including Intense Factory Racing, Commencal 100%, YT Mob and Scott DH Factory racing.

We’ll have more news from Eurobike coming soon!

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