Updated: Big Pile Of Sick! Names revealed!

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In another twist in the tale of Sick Bicycles, a batch of frames built for Sick is about to go on sale – as On One branded frames.

When we heard the rumour last week that a builder in Taiwan had built a batch of frames for Sick! but was left awaiting payment, we did wonder whether PlanetX might seize the opportunity to bag a bargain, and sure enough, that seems to be what’s happened. Although, there’s perhaps a little extra personal slant on this for the company’s Brant Richards, since it turns out that the builder in Taiwan – Calvin – is a friend of his and he made the original introduction between Calvin and Jordan.

Sick Bicycle On One
The new On One Chunder?

Brant told us:

We’ve bought the frames from my friend Calvin. He was the first designer we worked with in Taiwan, when we did the first inbred production in 1999 when he was at Maxway. I’ve worked with him over the years on several projects.

I think a lot of people have heard the story about me and Dave at Planet X helping Cy get started with Cotic – well Calvin was the guy who was at Maxway then. He left and set up his own operation, and we’ve kept in touch – he has worked on some of the other freelance mountainbike projects for me too that I’ve done for other brands, and also handles all the stuff for Chromag out of the Far East. His quality is just brilliant. About 18 months ago I introduced him to Jordan at Sick who wanted some production options and left them to it.

A couple of weeks ago, Calvin contacted me to say that couldn’t get in touch with Jordan, and as I’d introduced him, could I help him out with a market for these frames that he’d made for him. Calvin flew over, and me and Dave from Planet X managed to catch up with him in the pub when he visited us the other day after Eurobike.

We’ve two frames, one’s a 650b model, one’s a 29er. Geometry is great. Quality is brilliant. They’re going to be on preorder very shortly. And they’re going to be a typical Planet X insane price.

Sick Bicycle On One
The On One Tummy Bug?

So far there’s no hint of what the bike might be called – but since there’s a good tale behind it, we’re tempted to suggest the Uncle Jordan. Or the One One Customer Service. The obvious On One Scandal has already been done, so that’s out. We know Brant reads plenty of what we write – especially if you say his name three times (Brant! Brant! Brant!), so feel free to put your suggestions for appropriate names in the comments below.

We honestly can’t be bothered to trail through the quagmire of Sick Bicycles social media posts to figure out what frames these were supposed to be – the Shrike maybe? The Sesh? – but whatever they were, they’re coming to the PlanetX website very soon with an entirely new name. And we’ve asked, but no, you don’t get one for free if you’ve already bought it from Sick Bicycles. Speaking of which, it’s all gone very quiet over there. Brant has made it clear there’s no truth in the rumour that he’s buying the company – just this batch of frames.

With Marino, that makes two frame makers who have been left holding frames but no cash. But that’s better than being left holding no cash and no frame. Or no T-shirt. That certainly was the case for customers before – is anyone still waiting for a refund? If you’re out of pocket, hop into the comments below (we can’t help, we’re just interested!), or join in the long running Forum thread here.

Meanwhile, keep your eye on the PlanetX site if you’re interested in bagging a frame, whatever it might be called.


On One’s Instagram feed has just been updated with a post revealing the names and pricing of the frames:

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Pricing. Live by the end of the day hopefully.

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Hmm…a League of Gentleman reference, plus… what? The noise you just can’t locate the source of as you ride along? Two ticks, the time it takes to go from Instagram stars to pariahs? Or, is it a typo? The comments section is, as ever, below – and we’re enjoying your contributions.

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Comments (49)

    They could call it the Well Again.

    I’m not personally affected by this in any way, but the article does beg an obvious question. Namely, how can On One or PX be sure that one or more of these frames doesn’t belong to a Sick! customer who has already paid for it?

    I’m hoping the answer doesn’t involve any reliance on a reassurance from Sick! themselves because, well, you know……

    Because they haven’t paid for it as no money went to the builder….

    Oh and as for a name why not : Jordan and Dim are cocks

    As the frame maker has not been paid for them they are still his property and he can sell them to anyone he likes. The only claim the that the buyers who paid Sick have is direcly with Sick.

    Pretty sure no refunds have went out at all other then what people who have used PayPal or their Bank to force it.
    Also quiet is pinkbike after letting sick use them as a platform to lie and sucker in more victims.

    Ahh, I forgot that absolutely no one got what Sick! promised.

    As for a name for the frame “Jordan and DimTim are cocks” gets my vote too.

    The On-One.. Sicknote /MIA / Step Outside

    I guess using Remedy might create a lawsuit.

    Very catchy article title, I must admit xD

    Perhaps Puke and Shitter?


    The Retch perhaps, or the Reflux!

    The Throbber. Large small or medium Throbber sir?

    How about the Sit Shicks

    On One Jordan Chaos
    On One Tim Allen

    Let them try and sue.

    Bought in to one of the crowd founding scams they started. Luckily it was only £10. Haven’t heard anything from them since. So glad I bought a frame from Marino directly instead. What a bunch of clowns.

    The Trifle.
    Well snapped up.

    After the fun and games of me ordering a sick frame and not getting it (but claiming back through PayPal) I ordered the same frame through Marino. I have called it my Suck! Bike

    Northern Hucking shredder (NHS)

    I admire Brant’s willingness to see Calvin right, but I’m not sure I could buy one of these without feeling a bit soiled.

    The On One “Doctor will see you now”.

    Or “might as well have shoved it my Erse for all the good it’s done me”.

    Not very snappy, but hopefully neither are the frames.

    Still out of pocket and moving on. Very sorry episode. Feel strangely uncomfortable about these frames and not sure who might buy them.

    price dependant, I might buy one and accidently launch through the window of their tattoo parlour.

    defo name them after the pillocks that created this mess.

    If you bought both you would own a pair of sickheads, which rhymes with what they are.

    I think the article headline would make a good name: On One Pile of Sick (or just Pile)

    Pavement Pizza would be better for a road bike I think!

    On One Fit Note (no longer Sick!)

    On-One Diced Carrot
    On-One Boak

    On One Purge & Reflux, I reckon.
    Although I do like the Vomit Comet.


    Someone Else’s Train
    Hot Hot Hot !!!


    On-One Brexit
    Uses the word now most synonymous with lies, lairs, mis-information, shysters, hucksters, ‘alternative facts’ self-promoters, sh*t storms, badly run organisations, f*ck-ups, cluster-f*cks, non-delivery of ‘deals’, false promises, twats, … I could go on, but you get the picture!

    Shorten it to the “On-One-Vom-Com”? it rhymes see, and uses fewer letters (cost saving?)…

    Although considering their route to market as sort of abandoned children how about the “Orphan”…

    Oh oh another one: (80’s reference) “Grotbag”, as in “T-shirt & Grotbags” cos you know… T-shirts.

    Better yet just have them stickerless, clear coated and supplied with a couple of sharpies so would be Sick customers can decorate them with whatever protest-art they fancy…
    You could have a whole creative insta-gallery of ‘Sick’ bikes that weren’t delivered by Sick, capturing the customers pithy comments on the whole debacle…

    Been waiting for a small raw Wulf for many moons.

    Frame names.

    So, just tried to send a email to Sick customer service, and guess what, the email link is dead. Scammers

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