Singletrack Issue 126 Classic Ride | Don’t Mynd If I Do

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It’s the Long Mynd Jim, but not as we know it. Tom Hutton proves there are still real classics out there just waiting to be discovered.

Mountain bikers are creatures of habit. Even the more pioneering among us, those of us who are still happy to grab a map and a compass (Google it if you’re not sure) and head out into the mountains and moors, still return again and again to the same trails.

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Comments (3)

    Thanks for a great article and fabulous photos. Just the sort of ride I look forward to doing. Near to a train station, places to stay and you’ve given us the gpx route as well.

    Small batch is a lovely little campsite, perfect for accessing the mynd, with two pubs a few hundred yards away. Did this route the in a different order earlier this year and it is a winner, got to throw in minton batch as well though!
    Learnt about the riding here doing the (Scott) Mountain Marathons, shame they gave up on shropshire.

    Great story. Thanks for shearing…

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