Ard Rock GoFundMe | Swaledale Floods Fundraising Giveaway – Win A Santa Cruz

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Following the devastating flash floods that have hit parts of Yorkshire the annual Ard Rock Enduro festival has been cancelled. The news has hit hard within the mountain biking community with many entrants and non-entrants alike offering support, both financially and personally.

Today, the Ard Rock Enduro organisers have announced they will be giving away a Santa Cruz Megatower via a newly setup Ard Rock GoFundMe campaign, with all money raised going straight to the Swaledale Community emergency fund to aid the recovery and repair efforts currently underway following flash floods earlier this week.

ard rock gofundme campaign santa cruz
Donate to be in the prize draw

Ard Rock have already confirmed they will be refunding 100% of participant entry fees, and they hope for the mountain biking community to give some of that money back to help the area affected.

ard rock gofundme campaign flash flood devastation
Collapsed bridge at Swaledale

Click the button above and head over to the Ard Rock GoFundMe page to donate and be in with a chance of winning a Santa Cruz Megatower Dream Build in your choice of size. Also, keep an eye out for the Ard Rock 2019 merchandise going up for sale – again, to raise funds for the Swaledale Community.

Full statement from the Ard Rock organisers

Flash flooding in the Swaledale valley has flooded homes, destroyed infrastructure, and submerged the Ard Rock site on July 30th 2019. The 2019 event is cancelled, but now is the time to really come together. 

Please donate as much as you can to support the community. For every £10 you donate, you will receive one entry to win the custom Santa Cruz Megatower CC built specially for Ard Rock 2019.

The damage to the local area is unprecedented. Homes are destroyed, livestock and pets swept away in the destructive waters. We’re thankful and lucky that we no human lives were lost. The emergency response was immense – fire services, mountain rescue, police, and well equipped farmers and local heroes immediately attended to those trapped and in severe danger. 

The mountain bike community is buzzing with offers of support and assistance for those who need it most – local residents and the community. We are asking for your help. Your contributions will make a huge difference to the area. The floods are slowly subsiding, but leaving behind a trail of destruction. We need your help to turn this around. Ard Rock brings 15,000 visitors to Swaledale over the weekend. The boost to the local economy does not go unnoticed. But this year, the situation will leave many businesses with losses on top of the devastation to their homes and establishments. 

We ask you to join us, stand together, spread the word and raise as much money as possible to show the world how much we care for the areas we love and enjoy. 

Every penny raised will go into a community fund to support local residents, local businesses and volunteer services. We thank you in advance for your generosity. 

(Please note 100% of Ard Rock participant entry fees are in the process of being refunded)

Please help us share this news – HELP US TO SUPPORT THE SWALEDALE COMMUNITY

Amanda Wishart

Singletrack Art Director

When Amanda arrived at Singletrack she had only been riding for a couple of years, but having already ticked off a healthy list of uplifts and races including Megavalanche, we didn’t see any problems with her keeping up. Previously serving 11 years in a publishing house, she was keen to continue her art and design career without being tied to a desk, and has progressed as both a rider and a designer from all the fresh air Calderdale offers.

She began mountain biking to keep herself occupied out of snowboard season, but bikes have since taken over as the preferred sport. It’s not a hobby - it’s a lifestyle, and the impact riding has had on Amanda’s life is more than just how she chooses to spend her weekends. Relocating to Calderdale, giving up driving, being more eco aware are all either directly or loosely related to the sport and the future of it.

Her love of bikes isn’t for the adrenalin rush, the exercise, achieving goals or even the travelling, it’s mostly about the people she meets along the way. She’s our in-house tree hugger and is interested in any earth positive products and vegan trail snacks.

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    Great plan, hope Swaledale is back on its feet asap!

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    Done. Gutted to see how bad it’s been effected

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