Exclusive! Sneak Peek | Prototype FS Enduro Bike From Privateer Bikes

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Your first chance to check out the new prototype Privateer 161 FS Enduro Bike From Privateer Bikes.

You might have heard of The Rider Firm.CC, the parent company behind Hunt Wheels, Cairn Bikes and Dissent 133 clothing. There’s another spawn…er…spawning in the form of Privateer Bikes, which is working on a full suspension alloy enduro race bike.

Do you like what you see?

We’ve been given a sneak peak at the prototype. Look out for it at the Ard Rock Enduro the first weekend in August – your first chance to spot it in the wild. There’s a good chance you’ll see sponsored rider Matt Stuttard – currently placed 20th in the EWS – riding it round the course. Well, you’re probably more likely to see him after the race, since he’ll probably be far ahead of you!

No mud shelf there. Check.
Internal cable routing for gears.
We wonder if this will trap grit and stones? But hey, it’s a prototype. The point is to find out.

Tom from The Rider Firm.CC said:
It’s purpose is an alloy Enduro Race Bike that performs at world level. We have not asked Matt to race it even though his title sponsorship package from us covers him riding/racing the Privateer bike. Only when he feels it is his best option to perform will he race it.

Perhaps a forwards seat post slot for less water ingress would be good?
You get 161mm of rear travel.

It’s a fully custom frame with some open mold tubes, with the UK enduro scene in mind.

There’s 161mm of rear suspension travel via a Horst link and Trunnion Mount, and it’s been designed for a 170mm fork, but can be run with 160mm.

The bike has been designed to have progressive geometry to descend as fast as possible, while reducing fatigue with a low effort climbing position. This is with the aim of reducing upper body stress on steep transitions and therefore increasing readiness and speed in the timed stages. To achieve this, the prototype has an 80 degree seat angle.

Fettlers, fiddlers and the reckless will be pleased to note there are easy removal bearing notches and a BSA BB. It will take tyres up to 29×2.6in.

We’re keen to see the cable routing on the finished build.

Being a UK based company, they’ve thought about the trials and tribulations a UK bike faces, and designed the suspension for high durability, with large 15mm axles and large diameter ball bearings on two front triangle pivots. There’s wide bearing spacing to reduce sideways torque forces – very important for bearing life. There are three bearings in the main pivot, with two on the drive side. Since drive side main pivot bearings always have to sit in-board due to chainring clearance, Tom says two bearings will share the load and increase wear life. All bearings are fully enclosed and double contact sealed. It’s a one piece CNC rocker link, rather than two or three piece welded, keeping bearing and frame alignment accurate and increasing strength.

We’ll be looking out for the built up bike at Ard Rock to see how it looks when all dressed up. What do you think? Does it look like the kind of thing that might make your shopping list? We’re looking forward to seeing how this progresses – with Hunt being known for making some great value wheels, will this fall into the big bang for buck category?

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Comments (9)

    RAAW anyone?

    Looks great, I particularly like that the pivot-shock mount-bb cluster are all one piece, and the CNC rocker too. I suspect the actual bike won’t be, but would be great if was.

    The downtube seems to be from the same mould as a Bird Am9…

    Another bullshit seat angle. That angle is only 80 exactly at the height of the Stack line, which is quite a bit lower than most riders seat height. Due to the dog leg in the seat tube, like most designs utilize today, the seat will be behind claimed 80 degrees by the time it gets to most riders seat height for pedaling. Of course depending on the location and angle of the dog leg in the seat tube which affects dropper post angle, the seat could be over the rear axle by the time it gets to your height irregardless of what it was as it passed the Stack line.

    Look a bit like an airdrop. However at 6′ I would be on the smallest size.

    That’s a big ol’ monster truck of a bike there. Be interesting to see if it’s “too much” for many of the UK enduro stages, that are perhaps tighter and nadgerier (is that a word?) than EWS etc.
    While clearly nobody will ever have a seat at the 80 degree effective point, the actual 75.5 is still steeper than a lot of effective seat tube angles you can buy today.
    I hope those dog poo collection bosses aren’t the only place to put a water bottle!

    @mountainsofsussex ‘nadgerier’ is definitely a word.

    Thanks for all the questions.
    @daver27 The team at RAAW make a sweet bike, and I’d be lying if I said we weren’t inspired by it in any way.

    @ajt123 Thanks! This is pretty close to what we’d expect for construction of the production model, just a few minor tweaks here and there.

    @dustytires You are right, as the seat post moves up the saddle itself will get further back and slacken the effective angle, something that is exaggerated on bigger sizes. 80° is the ‘effective’ angle, but with an actual angle of around 75.5° this still keeps the angles progressively steep.

    @mountainsofsussex This is something we spoke about during the early stages of design. It can be hard to make a ‘do it all’ long travel bike, so we decided to focus on creating an EWS race bike, for riders like Matt Stuttard. Don’t worry, we’ve got a few other ideas up our sleeve for more nadgerier riding! Also don’t worry it has a regular bottle cage mount on the inside of the downtube.

    is this thing designed around 29 wheels? if it’s not a lot cheaper and clearly designed better than the RAAW it’s a tough sell IMO. Maybe a 27.5 version or mixed wheeler would help differentiate. that’s certainly what I’m looking for.

    And why on earth would you want 450mm chainstays? most decent handling 29er enduro bikes are around 435.

    Will the bike be sold to US customers?

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