Vali Holl Injured At Crankworx Innsbruck

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Vali Holl will be off the bike for at least 3 weeks following an injury during dual slalom practice at Crankworx Innsbruck.

Junior champion, Vali Holl, has taken to Instagram to inform fans that she will have to take some time off the bike after receiving an injury at Crankwors. The specifics of the injury haven’t been reported but we do know that that it is a shoulder injury and was sustained during dual slalom practice.

Vali now hopes to rest up and recover in time for the 4th round of the DH WC which will take place in Andorra next month.

“Well Crankworx ended quick! Crashed in dual slalom practice and damaged the capsule of the AC joint in my shoulder…3 weeks off but should be alright for WC round 4 in Andorra” Vali Holl

Get well soon Vali!

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