Newsdesk 11: DJI Action Camera rumours, Sam Hill’s 29er, Trust Price Drop and more

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In this week’s edition of Singletrack Newsdesk 11 we take a look at the DJI action camera rumours, get a first look at Sam Hill’s new 29er Mega, and check out what’s hot from China.

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DJI could launch an action camera this month.

Could this be DJI's own action camera?
Could this be DJI’s own action camera?

DJI is rumoured to launch a new action camera to take on the GoPro Hero 7 later this month. The only solid details we have are that DJI will release a new product on the 15th May, but the rest of the info comes from the leak and rumour mill. Apparently, the DJI Action takes the internals of the Osmo Pocket and builds them into a weather resistant case. This could mean that the new action camera will be one of the first to support mechanical stabilisation. We’re keeping a close eye on the news of this camera, and if it is an action cam we hope to test one in the future.

First look at Sam Hill’s 29er race bike

sam hill mega 29
Sam Hill moves to big wheels.

Sam Hill will be racing a 29er for the first time. The bike shown is an alloy Nukeproof Mega and features the new Nukeproof Horizon components in purple.

sam hill mega 29
New purple components.

The actual colour scheme of the bike is based on Guy Coopers Suzuki RM250 and, in fact, Sam Hill is actually restoring a similar bike now. While news that Sam Hill is riding a  29er is pretty big, we’re waiting for his big reveal and his switch to SPD.

Trust Message Suspension Fork Reduced

trust performance price drop
Bargain! Now you can buy 2….

Trust suspension has announced a price drop for the Message linkage fork. The unique suspension fork will now retail at USD $1975 / £1900 / 2399 Euro. Apparently at launch Trust wanted to get 3 shipments of the Trust Fork out to riders, and then drop the price below $2000. They’ve done both. So good news if you’re looking at the Trust but were put off with the price. For those of you who already bought one, you should be receiving a credit note as a refund that you can use towards your next Trust purchase.

Sachs Micro Mobility

sachs micro mobility
These bikes are fitted with the new Sachs RS 110nm motor.

Sachs is back but not as we know it. Sachs is an interesting company and over the years has produced components for the automotive industry, bikes and more. The Sachs cycling division was sold to SRAM a few years back, but this week it was announced that a new startup called Sachs Micro Mobility had been created. The company is a joint venture between ZF, Magura, BMZ and Brake Force One and its first product is the RS motor.

sachs RS new motor
Available as a 25km/h or 45km/h unit.

The RS puts out 110nm of power and has been designed to worth with a range of accessories. Manufacturers can either use Sachs own display, and batteries or are free to develop their own. Apparently, a test bike was on display at Lake Garda with early prototype kit fitted and received pretty positive reviews.

Spotted at Shanghai Bike Show

Pardus Cyclone scissor link
Nope it isn’t an e-Bike.

While we had a few shows over in Europe this past week, in China there was the 29th annual International Bike Fair in Shanghai. In the past, these events often have some pretty odd kit on display, but there’s always the odd nugget of gold to look at too.

pardus cycles cyclone
That’s not a motor.

First off is the Pardus Cyclone. This is the first Chinese branded MTB bike that we’ve actually looked at and been impressed with. The bike features a single piece carbon molded frame and has 135mm of rear wheel travel with the option for ether 140-150mm up front.

Shocking internals!

You may look at this bike and think it’s an e-Bike it’s actually a none assist full-suspension bike designed around Fox Live Valve technology. What’s unique is the Scissor Link suspension system that was designed by a founder of Niner Bikes. The link means that the rear shock sits low down in the frame and is hidden so that it won’t get damaged by debris and rocks. Pricing is 88,000 RMB which is over £9000 without Live Valve.

Bafang’s Race e-MTB

Bafang race bike
Bafang and American Eagle teamed up on a new e-MTB race bike.

Also in Shanghai was Chinese motor maker Bafang and this Dutch designed American Eagle e-MTB race bike. Bafang and American Eagle have worked tother to build this 100mm travel, full carbon bike for the UCI e-Bike race series. The bright orange bike uses a Bafang M500 mid-drive motor with a max output of 95nm and motor weight of 3.0kg. In comparison, a Shimano Steps E8000 motor put’s out 70nm.

160nm of torque! We can only imagine what that feels like!

If that’s not enough power though Bafang also offers a more powerful motor call the M620 with a huge 160nm of max torque. While e-Bike racing is only just taking off we wonder how much these powerful new motors could aid racers during events, and will the UCI crack down on them over time?

Tune in for Newsdesk 12 next week where we should have more news on that rumoured DJI camera plus more breaking news from the mountain bike world.

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