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Singletrack Newsdesk 9: Would you hit the Maribor DH WC on a £220 bike?

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In Newsdesk 9 we ask the questions “Who will win at the Maribor DH WC?” “Will Cannondale’s new bike show up” and would you chop up a Fox 40?

Watch the following video or read the highlights below.

Maribor DH WC This Weekend!

Finally, the wait is over, the start of the UCI WC DH season kicks off this weekend within Maribor. In fact, many of the riders and teams have already been at the course since last week when the European Cup was held there.

Riders to keep an eye on are obviously Commencal’s Amaury Pierron, Aaron Gwin, Tanhee Seagrave and the Atherton’s aboard their own Atherton DH bike. We’re especially excited to see how Luca Shaw does this year, he had a bit of back luck last year, and we’re also keeping a close eye on Danny Hart’s teammate Matt Walker, who has been outperforming his comrade during the offseason.

The riders who won’t be racing the first round are Myriam Nicole, Cecile Ravanel due to injuries and Kaos Seagrave who doesn’t have enough UCI points to take part.

Will Cannondale’s dual shock bike be at the Maribor DH WC?

cannondale 2 shock dh bike 5
2 shocks better than 1?

The question on many peoples lips is will we finally get to see Cannondale’s dual shock DH bike at Maribor? Well, we posted a story about the prototype bike including a video and a few interesting details about it.

The bike itself appears to be carbon fiber and as we’ve learned can either run a single standard shock or a damper unit in the lower setting with separate spring unit above. The idea being that Cannondale can then allow the spring progression to be set up independently from the damper unit. Oh and along with the 2 shocks it has an on-trend idler wheel too!

Watch out for Loic Bruni’s new Demo

Not much to say about this except just look at that paint job. Keep an eye out for Super Bruni riding the new Demo at Maribor this weekend.

Would you ride this £220 full-suspension bike?

hyper bicycles mtb
It’s cheap but is it good?

One of our most popular stories this week isn’t about a wonder bike, hyper material, or super secret tech. Nope, one of the most read stories of this week is about a £220 alloy full-sus bike from Walmart! The bike, the Viking Trail Pro, is produced by Hyper Bicycles who actually have some really cool bikes in the works, but they’re surely going to cost way more than this.

For less than the cost of an Eagle cassette, this bike offers front and rear suspension, a hydroformed alloy frame and disc brakes. What do you think? Shall we try to get hold of one for a test? Let us know in the comments below.

This is what to do with your old Fox 40’s

If you have a set of old Fox 40’s laying around the house and you’re unsure what to do with them, why not give this a go. Yup, someone has actually taken those lovely Kashima coated stanchions to a lathe and made a very fancy headset spacer. RSF MTB Suspension specialists are the people behind the Kashima spacer and judging by the response on social media, plenty of people are prepared to spend money on their very own. Is this something you’d like on your bike?

More Singletrack Newsdesk next week.

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