OneUp Components Launches 210mm Dropper Post, Bars, Stems and Grips At The Sea Otter

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Canadian/British brand OneUp Components has launched a wider range of dropper posts, clever new bars and stems, as well as grips and chain devices at this year’s Sea Otter Classic event. Let’s get stuck in!

OneUp Stem

OneUp makes a very popular multitool, called the EDC (Every Day Carry) which mounts into a fork steerer. However, to fit the special top cap that still allowed headset adjustment, you had to cut a thread into your fork’s steerer. This put off many riders, so OneUp has come up with a solution that keeps your steerer intact. It has created a stem with a headset adjuster built-in: You put slide the stem on and push it down firmly, tightening up the two main steerer bolts on the stem.

sea otter 2019, oneup components, stem, 35mm
Below the stem is a removed ring and conical washer to demonstrate what is hiding in the stem body.

Sitting below these two bolts is a third one. This tightens a ring, that works on a conical washer, taking up the slack in the headset and allowing free access to the top of the steerer tube for your tool or whatever you keep down there.

sea otter 2019, oneup components, stem, 35mm
The stem has a 35mm clamp and comes in 35mm and 50mm lengths.

New expanded dropper range.

You might remember last year we featured OneUp’s trimmable dropper post shim. This allowed the user to exactly adjust the ‘drop’ of their dropper post by trimming a 30mm shim that sat in the post’s keyways. This seemed a bit too complex for many riders, so OneUp now offers a 10mm and a 20mm shim with each post. With posts now coming in 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and 210mm, this means that its posts are adjustable from 100mm to 210mm in 10mm increments. Surely enough adjustment for everyone?

sea otter 2019, oneup components, dropper post
A bigger range of droppers and adjustments.
sea otter 2019, oneup components, dropper post
There’s now a dropper from 100mm to 210mm in 10mm increments.

While we’re talking about the dropper, OneUp Components is now making its dropper post lever in a full range of clamps for popular brake/shift mounts, including iSpecII, new iSpecEV, SRAM Matchmaker and a regular bar clamp.

OneUp Handlebars

To match the natty stem, OneUp has a new carbon bar. But it had to be clever, didn’t it? The new OneUp carbon handlebar is horizontally ovalised beyond the handlebar clamps. This gives a little more up and down give, while increasing the bar’s stiffness when steering.

sea otter 2019, oneup components, oneup handlebars
There’s a small amount of ovalising, just below the ‘NE’ of the logo here.

The OneUp Components handlebar will come in 800mm width and 20 or 25mm rise, in 35mm diameter. And it has coloured stickers too to match its… grips! Yep, there are new grips, which feature a single lock-on design and a plastic ‘skeleton’ under the grip rubber. This is cut out in places where your hand needs more cushioning. And there are colours!

sea otter 2019, oneup components, oneup handlebars
OneUp’s matching grips and stickers and top caps too…
sea otter 2019, oneup components, oneup handlebars
‘Subtle black’ just out of shot, but we’re sure there is one…

OneUp Chain Device

In these days of chain clutches, some riders still like to have a chain device. It’s actually one of OneUp’s most popular products and it has been tweaked for 2019 (or 2020 depending on where you are in the bike industry calendar…)

one up components chain guide
The top guide now has a tool-free flip-up guide for when it all goes wrong.
one up components chain guide
As well as flipping up, there’s a print of a chain link to allow you to adjust it exactly to size.
sea otter 2019, oneup components, chain device
The tool loosens the guide and you slide it down until the tool rests on the chain. Adjusted!

And finally, OneUp Components has had feedback that some customers were worried about ordering online for fear of customs charges from Canada and long waits for bike goodies to arrive. While the company is based in Squamish, it also has a warehouse in the UK, which services European orders, so most in-stock products are sent next-day – and without any customs charges.

See for more details.


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    I’ve liked everything OneUp that I’ve used so I’d hope that preload system on the stem is going to work better that the rather similar looking ‘Ringo Star’ device from USE I tried a few years ago. I’d maybe have tried a threaded system, many years ago I had an adjustable headset spacer that was threaded so you could adjust it to preload the headset. Think it was made by Zero Components (anyone remember Declan Hicks?)

    That was indeed the Zero adjustable spacer. I’ve actually bumped into Declan a couple of times in the last year. He was at the Malverns Classic I think.

    I also like everything coming out of Oneup! I will definitely be investing in the bar and EDC stem!

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