Singletrack Newsdesk 7: Is Steve Peat racing again? New Steel, Atherton Bikes

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This week on Singletrack Newsdesk we discuss Santa Cruz rider rumours, the new Cedric Gracia e-Bike, Production Privée’s new steel bikes plus more!

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Santa Cruz Syndicate Teasing New Rider

A 4th rider heading to the Syndicate?
A 4th rider heading to the Syndicate?

The Santa Cruz Syndicate are no strangers to a little fan trolling, so when they post an Instagram Story teasing another rider we’re kind of suspicious. Still, it’s pretty exciting news and we would love to see an additional rider join Greg Minnaar, Luca Shaw, and Loris Vergier, but who would it be? Honestly, we have not idea so please fill us in if you have some insider info.

So that’s who the 4th rider is…

Update: It looks like the “new rider” is Steve Peat, so will he race in the WC?

Cedric Gracia and Forestal Bikes

forestal bike cedric gracia
Oh, that downtube is rather chunky!

So after months of speculation, we’ve finally learned a little about the future of Cedric Gracia. This week it was officially revealed that Cedric has joined Forestal Bikes, a startup based out of Andorra who has a very innovative looking bike in the works. Forestal hasn’t revealed anything official about the bike, but a few photos that they have provided seems to confirm that CG will be riding an eBike. The photos we have, appear to show an early prototype manufactured from 2 halves of cast alloy bolted together. It’s a funky looking machine but we expect the final production bike is going to look completely different.

Rachel Atherton testing an Atherton Bikes trail bike

Rachel Atherton’s new trail bike.

Rachel Atherton has posted photos of her prototype Atherton Bikes trail/enduro bike and unsurprisingly it looks like the original Robot R160 bike. As such it uses the same additive manufacturing process as the Atherton DH bike and also looks like has the same DW6 rear link but producing 160mm of rear wheel travel.

Saucy new steel from Andorra

shan gt martini
Looking for a new hardtail?

Back to Andorra again with news that Production Privée has revamped the Shan range of steel enduro frames. The Production Privée Shan, Shan GT, and Shan No.5 are all now all available in classic silver or Martini Racing inspired finish. The full-suspension Shan No.5 has also undergone changes so that it can be built as either a 29er or 27.5in bike. Frames and rolling chassis are available over on the PP website right now.

Katy Winton taking some time off the bike


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Helmet hair don’t caaaare, but what I do care about is my head. 💆 Making decisions now that I hope old lady me 👵 will be grateful for… Cus currently IT SUCKS. . With all this crashing I’ve be doing in the last two races not to mention within the past year it’s been my head that’s taken the brunt of the impacts… Although there have been no knockouts, these repeated hits have to be taken seriously. I had a week off post Tassie with a couple of easy rides (in @maydenabikepark 💃😁 it was so hard not to ride more, what a place) but still wasn’t 100% right. I’m easing back into things very slowly now under the careful watch of my coach @gfloridajames. It sucks becuase I just want to crack on but we only get one head, and we’ve gotta be careful with it and most importantly be honest with how you really feel as every concussion is different. If in doubt: less is more, resting and taking your time is key. 💆💆💆💆 #easydoesit #concussion #mtb

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Katy Winton has announced on her social media profiles that she will be taking a little to ease back into racing and riding after a number of big crashes. Although she hasn’t knocked herself out, she has had to major hits to the head in recent crashes and sensibly she’s taking it easy. Hope she feels better soon and will be back on the bike and racing soon.

YT Decoy longterm review bike coming


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The new #YTDECOY – Coming soon. 🦆 Pre-order your YT E-Enduro now ⚡ . . . #ytindustries #ytfamily #liveuncaged #ytdecoy #decoy #emtb #ebike #goodtimes #decoycfprorace

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Last but not least, we’ve been in touch with YT to secure a YT Decoy e-Bike for review. We should be one of the first websites to receive the so keep your eyes peeled for a first look, and review appearing in the next few months.

We’ll have more Singletrack Newsdesk next week.

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