Here’s your chance to become a pro DH racer with the YT Mob World Tour

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The YT Mob, in association with their main sponsors (YT of course), have set out a 3-year plan to discover new racing talent to join their World Cup squad in 2019. It could be you..

If you were born in either 2002 or 2003 that is, or at least you’ll be given priority over other hopeful young talent that enters the running.

The news today from the YT Mob is great for any up and coming young riders who dream about becoming a pro rider for a big name brand. The idea is that in between racing at all 8 rounds of the UCI WC, YT Mob Team rider Angel Suarez will travel to each continent and hold a number of “Young Talent Camps”.

Angel Suarez is currently the only rider and young talent on the YT Mob squad.

Each camp will have limited places but those entering will not only get to ride and pick up tips from Angel, but also could be chosen to join the 2020 YT Mob and earn a pro contract to race as a junior on the team.

Dates and places for the YT Mob World Tour are as follows;

  • Young Talent Camp 1 – Jentree New Zealand – March 25-27
  • Young Talent Camp 2 – Cerro Bayo Argentina – March 31 – April 2
  • Young Talent Camp 3 – Fort William Scotland – May 13 – 15
  • Young Talent Camp 4 – Fujimi Panorama Japan – June 27 – 30
  • Young Talent Camp 5 – Snowshoe WV USA – September 9 – 11
  • Young Talent Camp 6 – Stellenbosch South Africa – September 28 – 30

After all, 6 camps are concluded Angel and team owner Martin Whiteley will choose 8 riders in total to join the YT Mob at a final camp in Spain where 2 finalists will be chosen and given the chance to sign a contract and race in the downhill world cup. Pretty exciting stuff.

Official YT Mob statement follows.

“Today the YT Mob is excited to announce that together with title sponsor YT Industries, the team has a unique plan for the next three years, starting with a ‘World Tour’ of Young Talent Camps being held on all six inhabited continents. The team’s current young talent Angel Suarez will contest all 8 Rounds of the UCI World Cup, as well as travel to the six venues listed below, with Team Owner Martin Whiteley, to host the Young Talent Camps.

The Young Talent Camps will be held over a few days, some will be combined with races, and at each camp Angel will take the riders through a series of skill sessions, downhill runs and other practical classes. The camps are not only a great opportunity for young riders to meet a World Cup rider and learn more about the sport at that level, but it’ll give the team a chance to meet some of the up and coming riders of the future.

What makes the World Tour unique is that from these 6 camps, 8 of the best riders we find will be brought to Spain in October for a final camp at Mob HQ, and from that, at least 2 riders will join the YT Mob as professional Junior World Cup riders in 2020. They will ride alongside Angel Suarez and other top level elite riders yet to be announced.

Angel Suarez says:

“I´m super excited for this coming year! Last year was my best season yet and I know this one can be even better, I feel amazing on the new TUES 29 and my training is going great. I want to finish in the Top 10 overall but always trying to be on the podium every race. I couldn’t be more stoked about the YT Mob World Tour. It’s going to be an amazing experience and I´m so thankful that YT wanted me to be part of this. I like helping kids and I will be super happy if I could help them to improve in our sport and even more than that, welcoming some of them onto our team in 2020 as the next Young Talents. To be able to help someone experience what I’ve experienced these past 3 years will be pretty exciting.”

YT Industries CEO and Founder Markus Flossmann say:

“The past 3 years have been filled with historic firsts, epic victories and a lot of lessons learned. Demonstrating that YT can succeed on a global stage and establishing the YT MOB on the World Cup circuit. While it was an honor to work with some of the legends of the sport, I feel it’s the right time to help a new, yet undiscovered, generation make their mark on the scene and we feel we’re in the right position to drive an ambitious project like this forward. With the help of strong partners and the insight of Martin Whiteley we’d like to take you on a journey across the globe to dive into the talent pool of Downhill Racing. For me personally this is why I started YT and what it’s all about. We are going back to our roots: identifying the next Young Talents whilst redefining the rules once again!”

Team Owner Martin Whiteley says:

“It was clear to me towards the end of last season that Angel is well and truly on his way to the top end of this sport, and he has a lot of potential at just 23 years of age. His path to this point is something that a lot of young riders dream of, and we want to give them that chance this year. In a way, it reminds me of my original reason for starting my first team, Global Racing, with riders from every continent; wanting to showcase talent from all over the world. Now we get the chance to discover new riders and offer them the chance to attend a Young Talent camp on their continent, enjoy training with a World Cup rider like Angel, and perhaps taking it all the way through to a pro contract in 2020. We’ll be documenting this throughout the year on the YT Mob YouTube Channel, with the same company that produced our popular Tales of the Mob series, Knowmad Productions, returning for 2019.”

The camps are open to everybody, but priority will be given to appropriate athletes born in 2002 and 2003, and spots are limited so people need to sign up early. An initial sign up form, a registration of interest, can be found on the team website or accessed here. Applications close 1 month out from each camp but may close earlier if over-subscribed.

The YT Mob is also thrilled to announce that along with YT Industries as title sponsor, most of its co-sponsors from last year have re-signed for this next chapter, and we are also excited to welcome on board some new ones.

Major Sponsors: E*Thirteen, TRP, Fox Racing Shox and Maxxis

Co-Sponsors: Renthal, SDG Components, Kogel Bearings, All Mountain Style, Motorex, Alpinestars, Crankbrothers, Feedback Sports, Flat Tire Defender and Works Components.”

YT Mob World Tour dates.

We think this is a pretty good idea of YT’s and could mean that riders who wouldn’t normally be seen or given a chance to rider professionally will receive the exposure they finally need to go pro. We suppose it’s a marketing manager’s dream too, and won’t be too surprised to see other brands offering a similar program.

Those of you waiting for YT Mob team news for 2019 might also be able to read between the lines and see that it appears that the Mob will consist of just Angel Suarez for the rest of 2019, and that he also appears to have already signed to continue racing for the German brand in 2020 along with unannounced elite riders.

Will you be signing up? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Rampant ageism!!
    (Tries to conceal envy at this great idea. But fails.)

    Hanging with Angel Suarez sounds like Good Times. But a company that is constantly reinventing itself is hard to trust. As a YT owner I expect nothing from the company beyond a great value on a good bike. Their track record of commitment to distribution employees (Sparks, NV. USA) and racing team members (Gwin) is dismal. I wouldn’t trust them to honor any agreement from one season to the next.

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