Less Roost, More Pow: The new Singletrack Snow Channel is live!

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Apparently quite a lot of you like the white powdery stuff. And the harder, treated and prepared white stuff too. Every year there is a huge long thread on the Forum about it. What are we going on about? Snow!

You love snow, and skiing, and snowboarding so much that we’ve created a whole new channel devoted to it.

How To Follow The Fun

If you love snow (and if you love it more than mountain biking, we won’t tell anyone) here’s where you need to be:

Singletrack Snow Channel

A whole new world of fun.

Singletrack Snow Mag Instagram

Singletrack Snow Mag Facebook

Snow Mark
Mark, feeling a bit small.

All The Gear And Snow Idea?

We might also love snow a bit too, so we’re not being entirely altruistic. Singletrack Staffers’ snow experience varies quite a bit…here’s a run down:

Mark: secretly likes snowboarding more than mountain biking. Has probably created this channel just so you have to look at his holiday photos.


Amanda: don’t tell her boyfriend how fast she boards. Apparently she is a ‘park rat’. Apparently some of you will know what this means.

Classic Chipps.

Chipps: can ski but rarely does. Annoyingly, he doesn’t seem to forget how. We suspect he sees skiing as an opportunity to add more colours to his wardrobe.

Hannah in her happy place.

Hannah: loves snow. Really really loves snow. Really really really wants to learn to snowboard. Will settle for extreme sledging, snowman building, or tunnelling. Basically, she’s a child.

The kind of thing that happens if you let Andi near snow. Or just outside. (GIF: click if it’s not playing)

Ross and Andi: have never got beyond sledging with the kids. For the sake of their bones and attendance record at work, we might keep it that way.

wil winter snow cold bathers budgie smugglers goggles
This photo will never get old.

Wil: wonders what snow is. Probably isn’t going to be a lot of help with this new channel.

Stay Tuned!

Both Mark and Amanda are off on snowboarding holidays over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to our Instagram for updates on their exploits. We’ve got new snow based products landing Fresh Goods style too, so keep your peepers peeled for all that is cold and cool.

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    Awesome, thats why I moved to Sweden, Snowboarding in the Winter, Biking in the Summer. Come shred Singletrack!

    Hoping this is a joke…..

    It’s snow joke @andybrad

    Hannah… I proper annoy everyone at work with my love for snow. Gutted really… every year we don’t get any where I live 🙁

    Just seems like a waste of resources tbh.

    Surely just a cynical ploy by Mark to get free snowboarding gear 🙂

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