Top 10 Most Read Singletrack Reviews Of 2018, And Number 1 Isn’t an eBike

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Last year was pretty full-on for reviews. We tested some of the hottest bikes on the market, both standard and e-MTB types (GASP!), we reviewed the latest clothing, accessories, brakes, forks, protection, glasses, and there was even a 1000 word review all about a towel (or was that in 2017?).

While we wrote about a gazillion reviews, we wanted to dig deep into the stats and take a look at what our loyal readership read most, and here are the results. So what was the hottest review of 2018? Could it be an e-bike? It has to be an e-bike right? It’s not an e-bike don’t worry!

10. Review: The latest Cotic SolarisMAX is one of the fastest hardtails we’ve tested

cotic solarismax calderdale
Looks fast because it is.

Back in July, the sun shone, the trails were dusty and the Singletrack Office was filled with strange Austrailanisms we still don’t quite understand. Back in those hot sunny days, Wil rode Cotic’s latest generation SolarisMAX all steel hardtail, and he pretty much loved it. We won’t spoil the full details and instead let you head over to the 2018 Cotic SolarisMAX review here and read it for yourself.

9. 2-piston or 4-piston? Testing & comparing Shimano’s brand new XTR disc brakes

shimano xtr brake disc m9100 m9120
Just stop it! haha, stop it! … really! Stop IT!

Another look back to the hot hot summer. Coming in at number 9 at our top 10 most read reviews of 2018, is first ride review of both the 2 pot and 4 pot XTR brakes! In fact, reading this review is going to be the closest you’re going to get to 2019 XTR for a while.

8. First Ride Review: Santa Cruz Highball 3 CC X01 Reserve

Santa Cruz’s flagship carbon hardtail.

With all the love Santa Cruz’s carbon and alloy full-suspension bikes get, it’s easy to forget that the U.S brand also makes some pretty handy carbon hardtails too. Wil rode the Highball 3 CC X01 Reserve back in March, a proper carbon flagship hardtail that might actually be more capable than you may think. Read Wil’s first ride review of the Santa Cruz Highball 3 CC X01 Reserve here.

7. First Ride: The All-New Trail 429 From Pivot Cycles

Super Boost!

Super Boost! The new Trail 429 from Pivot Cycles went and wide for 2018, ditching a regular Boost rear end to a whopping great Super Boost rear hub spacing. Did this make the new 429 better than the previous version? Read our Pivot Trail 429 first ride review to find out.

6. First Ride Review: 2019 Canyon Lux CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race

canyon lux xc wil
How low can you go?

It seems you guys like a slice of carbon now and then as our 6th place review is another fantastic plastic bike. The 2019 Canyon Lux 9.0 Race is a sub 10kg full suspension bike, designed for the XC race crowd who don’t mind getting a little rowdy from time to time. Read our 2019 Canyon Lux CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race review right here.

5. Four 2.6in mountain bike tyres tested & reviewed

Kind of fat tyre test.

Oh, a review that isn’t a bike! In fact, a review that isn’t a single review but 4 reviews! That’s value for money right there. This time Ben Gerrish was in the driving seat for this fat(ish) tyre groupset. 4 x new school 2.6in tyres were put to the test, but which one came out on top? Read our 2.4in mountain bike tyre test here.

4. Black Beauty Hits Warp 8! Canyon Spectral CF 8.0 Review

One of the first bikes Andi tried his best to hide and keep for himself.

We’re getting very close to the top spot, and at number 4 we have the review of the Canyon Spectral CF 8.0. This affordable carbon trail bike really took Andi by surprise, for its amazing value for money, efficient 3-phase suspension platform and stealthy looks. Read our Canyon Spectral CF 8.0 review here.

3. Who Needs Carbon? We Test & Review The 2018 Santa Cruz Tallboy Alloy R

santa cruz tallboy alloy lee quarry
Better than carbon?

Is a carbon version of a bike really that much better than the alloy version? This is what Barney wanted to find out with his review of the 2018 Santa Cruz Tallboy Alloy R. Read the review here to see if you need a carbon Tallboy or if an alloy one will do just fine.

2. Review: Shimano’s Powerful Deore XT M8020 4-Piston Disc Brakes

The Shimano XT 4 pot brake gets 2 thumbs up from us.

Shimano’s XT 4 pot brakes impressed Ross so much that he awarded them the prestigious Singletrack Recommended stamp of approval, a little like the Nintendo Seal of Approval only red and way cooler. Read our full Shimano Deore XT M8020 4-Piston disc brake review here.

1. First Ride Review: 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29

specialized stumpjumper 29 wil ainsa spain
And the most read review of 2018 was….

And at number 1, our most read review of 2018 is….. this first ride review of the 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29! At the launch, Wil got to see all versions of the new Stumpjumper and even spied an early carbon prototype mule too. Read our 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 29 first ride review here.

So there we have it, our 10 most read reviews of 2018. Are you surprised by any of these entrants, or did you expect to see other reviews here? Keep posted to Singletrack in 2019 for more top mountain bike reviews and news.

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    In fact no electric motor cycles and two brake reviews. Nothing more reassuring than being able to stop

    From the forum this very day “For a good bike review you need the combination of good rider, technical competence and good writer. STW Journos have none of those qualities”!!
    So I don’t read any of them, me. ( I do actually, cos I like the way the people on the mag write)

    All XTR M9100/20 is available except the chainset. Has been for a while. I got mine at the end of November.

    I got a SolarisMAX partly due to that review – in fact I test-rode Wil’s actual bike. I’m happy to languish at the bottom of the chart where no-one is looking and carry on enjoying myself. To mis-quote a climbing expression, the best biker is the one who is having the most fun.
    As for STW journos having none of those qualities … horse manure

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