Ratboy To Cannondale Is Officially Mountain Biking’s Worst Kept Secret

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After months and months of speculation, and then a video practically announcing it, we have confirmation that Josh Bryceland aka Ratboy will be riding for Cannondale in 2019.

Cannondale Shredders.

It’s been almost 4 months now, but confirmation finally arrived with us today along with the news that Ratboy will be joined by 3 other young riders. The team will consist of 21-year-old Sam Hockenhull from Buxton, 25-year-old Max Nerurkar from Sheffield and Sam Cofano aged 17 who comes from Poynton, the same home town as the Rat.

Meet the new Habit!

Each of the riders will be riding the all new Cannondale Habit which features a simple, for Cannondale, trail bike design and size specific suspension kinematics and linkages to ensure each model size rides as it should. We sent Chipps to ride the new Habit late last year.

We’re still waiting to hear what the new team will be working on together, whether they’ll be an addition/alternative to the popular 50:01 troupe, or if the team will race EWS or take part in other events together, but what we understand is that Bryceland is keen to work with upcoming riders and give something back to the mountain bike community.

To give us a taster of things to come, the 4 riders recently spent some time on the new alloy Cannondale Habit in Spain shooting the following edit enjoy and keep an eye out for more team news coming soon.

For those of you interesting to hear more team news and rumours check out our 2019 team rumours part 1 and part 2 articles.

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    So, they dig tracks and jumps, officially, probably not, I hope they flattened them so as not to encourage the less talented locals into the path of local traffic.

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