Christmas Countdown Day 21: Win USE Ultimate Boom Bar And Vyce Stem

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Our final Christmas Countdown Giveaway prize comes from USE and includes their wonderful looking carbon Boom Bar, and innovative looking, UK made, Vyce stem! Win them both here.

Ultimate BOOM Bars

  • Price: £134.99
  • From:USE

These massive carbon handlebars (800mm width, 30mm rise, for a 35mm stem) have been developed with the help of Scott ‘Boom Boom’ Beaumont who’s used his extensive 4X racing experience to design a bar that’s strong and stiff enough for whatever sketchy moves you’re planning on pulling and whatever steep trails you’re thinking of riding. And no, that textured finish is to protect the bars in transit, not for extra grip.

Ultimate Vyce 35 Stem

  • Price: £89.99
  • From:USE
The rather clever USE Ultimate Vyce stem.

And to match those bars, there’s an equally stiff stem. Weighing only 108g for the 40mm version, it’s about as minimal as a super short stem can get.

How To Win USE Ultimate Boom Bar and Vyce Stem

Watch the video and answer the question below:

  • Which mythical creature’s skin does Hannah say the packaging of the Boom Bar could be made from?

Now that you have watched the video and know the answer to our question all you need to do is send it to us.

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The compition has ended

Simple! Do that, and not only will we enter you in the draw to win today’s gift giveaway, but we’ll also give you one entry into the Mega Box Of Joy giveaway – this is a box containing one of everything we give away each day. It’s a big box! As a bonus prize, whoever wins the Mega Box Of Joy will have the option of joining us here for a day of coffee, riding, coffee, tea, fish and chips, and maybe even a cheeky beer. Because the Mega Box Of Joy is going to be such a monster, we’re going to have to restrict the entries to this to those with a UK delivery address, or to anyone who is prepared to come along to Singletrack Towers and visit us for the day and collect it. Today’s daily prize is open to those who can provide a UK postal address.

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We will announce the Winner of day 19 and 20 after the holidays.

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