Singletrack Life Subscribers Private Whisky Riders Bottle Charity Auction

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As we explained herewe have three ‘spare’ bottles of this exceptionally rare single malt ‘Laddie’ whisky. We’ve already raised over £1600 with the first two and now we are offering the third and final bottle to you, our similarly rare life subscribers.

All you have to do is place your bids in the comments below. Lets give everyone a sporting chance and keep the auction running for a week. That means the comments section will be closed to new bids at 12 noon on the 31st October 2018.

This is a very private post and although the world can see the headline on the front page, only you, our life subscribers, can see the contents of this post and its comments. So rest assured this is a private auction.

The auction will work in the same way the first ‘public’ auction worked. By that we mean that the winning bid will be asked to make payment as a donation directly to St. Gemmas Hospice, Leeds via their website. Once the winner has confirmed that donation by sending us a copy of the St. Gemma’s confirmation email we’ll despatch the bottle off to them as a way of thanking them for their donation.

Anyone who wants to make a direct donation anyway to St. Gemma’s can do so here.

Don’t worry about contacting us first to register your bids – we know who you all are and where you all live 🙂

So, let the auction begin below.

Comments (11)

    Right, here at last. I was going to start the bid with £100, but that is mean, so here goes £150.00.
    Come on people, put your hands in your pockets.

    Well, that escalated quickly; maybe it’ll be drunk a little more slowly. I lived on Islay for a while in the early 1990s; happy days with my first ever mountain bike: a 1980’s rigid Dawes horror. Sorry, Classic. I’ll stretch it up a little to £250.

    I think it might be more fun if the increments were less than £50 so I’ll bid £275.

    300. My wife can’t see this, right?

    Your bids here are as safe as your login 🙂

    Just 24hours to go guys 🙂

    I guess it would be a touch hypocritical to bid less than I did on the main page auction, so I’ll match that, plus 10%.


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