Jumpack Transforms From Backpack To Dirt Jump In Just 10 Seconds!

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If you’re a registered user you may have read our trail tool article from earlier on in the week (if you haven’t read it, register for FREE and check it out now!). In that article Antony tested a bunch of tools to tidy up your local trails and keep them flowing, but what if you wanted to spice up those trails without resorting to naughty methods like building berms and digging jumps?

jumpack backpack ramp
Jumpack folds away into a backpack and weighs only 6kg.

Last week we came across this, the Jumpack, a folding kicker ramp that is contained in its own backpack for easy transportation to and from the trail, car park, or for simply using in your back garden.

The Jumpack can fold out into a 3 piece kicker or can be pulled apart to construct smaller ramps for beginners. On the other hand, if you have more than one ramp they can be snapped together to make even larger trail obstacles.

jumpack backpack ramp
Folds out in just 10 seconds for those “Must Jump” moments.

Fold-out legs get rubber feet to prevent the ramp slipping or moving while catching air, and gas struts automatically flick the legs in to position for super fast set up. Jumpack reckons you can set the ramp up in under 10 seconds.

Included are some rather natty features. A built-in GoPro mount allows you to film the action from behind the ramp, and a simple toolkit attaches to the ramp allowing the individual sections of ramp to be removed or reattached as and when needed.

jumpack folding ramp
Each of the three sections can be removed to shorten the ramp.

The complete kit and backpack weighs in at just 6kg and costs £199.99 which isn’t exactly super affordable to us.  That doesn’t seem to have put off customers though, and Jumpack claims that customer demand has created a 4-week waiting time for new ramps. Here’s a video of the Jumpack in action:

If nearly £200 is a little too rich for your pocket, but you still like the idea of a portable kicker then what about a homemade portable ramp? In the video below Haibike brand ambassador, Sam Pilgrim shows us how to construct a simple ramp that fits into your backpack. He also shows you the best ways to get into trouble using it.

Which will you go for? The £199.99 Jumpack or the Sam Pilgrim Special DIY ramp?

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