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Fresh Goods 414 – Bamboo, BMX, Brakes, Algae, Smart Watches And Acid Brass!

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I sit here listening to DJ Boring, sipping my brew from a bamboo cup and await the onslaught of Bronagh. There are a lot of ‘B’s in this weeks edition of Fresh Goods Friday! Beware, brace yourself, but above all do not become bemused! And while you read the following think about the answer to this question:

  • Just how many times does the letter ‘B’ appear in FGF 414? Answers in the comments below!

Singletrack Bamboo Coffee Cup

You need one!

New in the Singletrack Online Store is our new coffee (or Tea) cups made from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo! These reusable cups are available to order right now, will make you look 150% cooler and will save the planet! Buy one today.


  • Price: £349
  • From: CSG
Hannah joins the BMX Bandits!

The BK stands for Brian Kachinsky, who the kids in the skatepark tell Hannah ‘goes hard and goes home in an ambulance’. Hannah will be trying not to go home in an ambulance as she attempts to learn some tricks on this new toy she’s bought herself. With plenty of Cr-Mo about the frame, 3 piece cranks, and a damn sexy matt black finish, this is probably way more bike than Hannah will ever do justice to. But it’s cheaper than a Porsche, and she’s happy, so we’ll just let her get on with her midlife crisis.

Sun God Polarised Renegades

sungod glasses

Hannah designed these herself on Tuesday and they’d arrived in the office by Wednesday – you can choose from a range of frames, lenses and finish details to make sure you look as cool as possible, and they’re built in the UK for a fast delivery time. As well as looking good, these frames come with a lifetime guarantee covering accidental damage, with Sun God claiming their TR90 memory polymer is strong but flexible and #adventureproof.

Specialized Women’s Gloves

Happy hands!

A couple of pairs of women’s specific gloves arrived in the mail this week for Amanda, although it looks like Hannah may have nabbed a set for “BMX stunts”.

The LoDown (purple and blue) glove costs £20.00 and is designed for comfort and grip in mind. A pre-curved palm and finger construction promise a “second skin” fit for maximum grip. Perfect for backflips at the local halfpipe. For an extra £15 you get the Grail Long Finger Gloves with added science. The touchscreen compatible glove gets palm padding to reduce numbness and improve blood flow.

Fresh Goods Friday Live

Need a rest from reading? You can watch Chipps and Hannah waffle for a bit.

Shimano Deore BR-MT520 4 Pot Brakes

  • Price: £54.99 per end
  • From: Madison
shimano deore 4 pot brakes
Shimano’s budget 4 Pots in the house!

We first spotted these new Shimano 4 pot brakes on a couple of bikes at Eurobike. Since then they’ve started to show up on more 2019 models including the new Saracen Myst downhill bikes we reported on last week. These Deore spec 4-pots are aimed at customers wanting a little more power on a limited budget, and at e-Bike riders who need that extra power a 4 piston calliper offers. The MT520 callipers are paired with BL-MT501 brake levers which offer Servo Wave features to tool-less reach adjustment, a lot of brake for not much money.

Elephone W3 Smartwatch

Elephone w3
Not an Apple Watch!

Elephone is pitching this smartwatch at tech lovers, business users and sports people alike. The W3 is loosely based on the design of the Apple Watch but it doesn’t run Apple’s Watch OS nor does it cost a small fortune. The W3 has a claimed battery life of up to 10 days, has a 1.33in touchscreen, a built-in heart rate monitor and will work with either Android or iOS devices.

Elephone W7 GPS Fitness Band

Elephone W7
No need to carry your phone with built-in GPS.

The W7 is Elephone’s sportier looking fitness band with a ‘Fitbit’ look but similar features to the above W3. The W7 however, does have built-in GPS and Elephone claims it’s the most affordable fitness band on sale today with this much asked for feature.

Elephone Band 5

Elephone band 5
Possibly the most affordable fitness band on the market?

If GPS isn’t essential to your fitness routine then the Band 5 gives you all the features that the above two fitness bands have plus a “real-time” heart rate monitoring, so rather than just checking your heart rate when asked to, the Band 5 records it 24/7, a feature we’re told is pretty unique.

Sun Chlorella Granules

sun chlorella granules
Will feeding this to Ross create a Rosszilla?

Apparently, this Japanese wonder substance is actually a special algae (not from the same place Godzilla is from we hope) that contains huge amounts of nutrients and protein. This granulated version of the algae has been specially prepared to allow the body to digest it properly and will apparently aid recovery as well as generally be good for your health. We’re going to start adding a spoon a day to Ross’ coffee from next week and will report our findings soon.

Lumicycle Apogee 4500 Lumen Bike Light

Prototype Lumicycle light with 4500 Lumens of power!!

This is a prototype of the new Lumicycle Apogee high-intensity LED light boasting a maximum output of 4500 Lumens! The lamp uses CREE XPL LEDs and uses a feature called “Glow Crescent” that provides 50% more light than current Lumicycle lights for improved side visibility. If you’re already using a Lumicycle lighting system then you’ll be glad to know that the Apogee is RF enabled and will integrate with your current system so that a single switch can control your whole set up. We don’t currently have a price for the Lumicycle Apogee but keep an eye out for a full review in the next few months.

Now, what you really came for! Slip on some headphones and enjoy this splendid version of Pacific 202 played by a brass band!

And here’s some Stereolab too. Enjoy!

Andi is a gadget guru and mountain biker who has lived and ridden bikes in China and Spain before settling down in the Peak District to become Singletrack's social media expert. He is definitely more big travel fun than XC sufferer but his bike collection does include some rare hardtails - He's a collector and curator as well as a rider. Theory and practice in perfect balance with his inner chi, or something. As well as living life based on what he last read in a fortune cookie Andi likes nothing better than riding big travel bikes.

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