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Our Singletrack coffee cup is made from bamboo. Yes, really! Not even plastic! It is super smooth and easily cleaned. It comes with a silicone lid and heat grip. When it comes to the end of it’s long life it can be recycled and will ultimately biodegrade (with the exception of the silicone parts).

The problem with those paper cups you get your coffee in from your preferred big coffee chain shop is that they are actually not recyclable. No really! They are coated inside with a plastic layer that prevents them from turning to mush when you insert a liquid. The results is that they are classified as mixed material and that means they can’t be recycled. The only place they end up after you throw them away is in landfill or incinerators.

And there’s literally millions of them every day going that way. Thankfully there is an alternative and since pretty much every coffee chain now gives you a discount when you bring your own cup, you can also save money while you keep more waste out of the ground.


Singletrack Bamboo Coffee Cup
Put coffee in it!
Singletrack Bamboo Coffee Cup
Pour a fresh brew in it!

Made from sustainable and biodegradable bamboo this cup can be used again & again (we recommend washing inbetween refills)

  • silicone insulating sleeve & lid
  • 430ml capacity

Singletrack Bamboo Coffee* Cup. Accepted by most coffee shops and will get you a cheaper coffee and a sense of satisfaction as you prevent more non-recyclable coffee cups from entering landfill.

*also works with other hot or not beverages.

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