Aretha Franklin: A Playlist For Mountain Bikers

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Here at Singletrack Towers we’ll take any excuse to play a tune to everyone in the office. There’s a fair amount of track sharing goes on, whether it’s new and cool stuff, or golden oldies we’d forgotten about. While choosing today’s Fresh Goods Friday tune, it became apparent that not only were there too many great Aretha Franklin tunes to choose from, but that many of them could be (somewhat tenuously) linked to mountain biking. Here we go then, the mountain biker’s Aretha Franklin playlist.

1. Not for singlespeed riders.

2. For picking your way through rock gardens.

3. For the e-bike riders

4. Another for the e-bike riders

5. Tricky drop off ahead?

6. Maybe it’s really tricky. Are you sure you should be doing that drop?

7. You wouldn’t want to get that wrong.

8. Oh, you’re sure? Go for it then!

9. For when you’ve brought the wrong quick link

10. For the bikepackers


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