A Yeti, 2 Bears, and a Giant Hannah: Fresh Goods Friday 409

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How are you? Do you need a little therapy? Have you discovered that your planned spare room is going to be occupied for at least another year while its inhabitant does resits, or pursues alternative school-of-life type educational experiences? Or are you now steeling yourself for an empty nest? Maybe you’ve been waiting for the day when you can wave a cheery goodbye to your youngest offspring, leaving a polite gap (in case they come back for a forgotten teddy, maybe) before grabbing your panniers and heading for the hills. Or perhaps you’re going to lie on their empty bed and sob quietly, where did all the time go, how did they get so big, etc etc?

Whatever the outcome of yesterday’s exam results (and either way, there’s a fair chance the result today is a hangover), don’t forget to tell your children you love them. Even if they are a bit smelly, and grumpy, and they don’t listen to a word you say. Hopefully one day it’ll sink in, and that love will give them the confidence they need to go out into the big wide world and have adventures. Hopefully self funded adventures, obviously, because we couldn’t have them sapping your own adventure fund – assuming you still have an adventure fund after another edition of Fresh Goods Friday.

Here we go…

Yeti SB100 T-Series


Short travel, but relatively slack? This is one of a handful of bikes offering this combination but we’re wondering whether it might just be what we need for big pedally days up and down the Calder Valley. The Yeti SB100 could be thought of as a ‘downhiller’s cross country bike’ – it features 29in wheels with 100mm of rear wheel travel and still uses Yeti’s Switch Infinity system to affect the rear axle path. What makes it different to many other XC bikes is its 67.8° head angle with a 120mm fork, which is a fair bit slacker than most race bikes in this category. Comes in S, M, L and XL.

Torq Caramel Latte Gel

  • Price: £1.85
  • From: Torq
Don’t eat all of them at once. No, really, don’t.

This gel is ‘crafted with real coffee’. Apparently they make a sort of giant cafetiere of coffee, then ad caramel flavouring and a 2:1 maltodextrin:fructose ‘energy matrix’. Chipps says Hannah has got to taste them live on camera.

Pedal Cone Tool

That’s a lot of pedals to service.

This little tool will let you get in and about the inner workings of your pedals so you can get them running smoothly again. One socket holds the adjusting cone, and the other tightens or loosens the locknut.

Dakine Session 8L Hydration Pack – Women’s

  • Price: £55.00
  • From: Dakine
Tiny bag, or big Hannah?

This compact hydration pack is lightweight with a breathable air flow back panel, a fleece-lined glasses pocket and come in two colour options. It claims to offer minimal shifting and evenly distributed weight due to the women’s specific fit.

Dakine Comp Liner Bike Short – Women’s

  • Price: £40.00
  • From: Dakine
Hannah decided that the shots of these shorts on were too revealing. Obviously this is much more modest.

Padded shorts so nice you’ll want to wear them on the outside. These have a thick waist band, a shorter leg than many padded shorts, and come in two colour options.

Muc Off Women’s Chamois Cream


This chamois cream is designed to be Ph balanced for women, and has antibacterial properties. Apparently it also offers a cooling sensation and smells nice. We won’t be testing this live on camera.

Kryptonite Krykptolok with 4″ Flex Cable

For keeping hold of your bike.

This U-lock now has a double deadbolt design, and comes with a flex cable so you can also stop your front wheel from being nicked. The cylinder is pick and drill resistant, and the lock comes with a bracket so it’s easier to carry it around.

Fox Fork Topcap Sockets

Nice blue and orange contrast.

Specially designed to open up your fork so you can mess around with the insides, we’ve got new 26, 27 and 28mm sized sockets to add to our collection.

Moto and Whippet Mudguards


Yes, that is a spitfire mudguard. Which we’re pretty sure everyone on the Christmas Airfix thread on the Forum is going to want.

Chromag Contact Pedals

  • Price: £109.99
  • From: Hotlines
Pedals with with bears on, so Amanda can think of Squamish.

The Chromag Contact Pedals feature a lightweight compact platform body that extends inboard bringing the rider’s feet closer to the cranks for trick control. The low profile concave CNC’d surface is only 13mm at the centre and weighs in at only 190g per pedal. Amanda is mostly excited that they have bears on. She saw one, in Squamish. Has she told you she’s been to Squamish? And she saw a bear? And she’s been to SQUAMISH…where there were BEARS, and TREES and…(yeah, she’s pretty excited about all that).

Right then, there can only be one artist for today. But which tune? We can’t decide. So you’re getting two.

Did we pick well?

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Comments (10)

    £7k for a bike without a motor!


    Why would they be smelly?

    Guys. Would love it if you did a new school xc trail test. New blur, the Yeti SB100 and new Orbea Oiz. Trying to decide between these at the moment and its such an exciting / developing area at the moment

    @angeldust have you been in a teenager’s bedroom? Ew.

    The 4-inch (4″) cable that comes with that Kryptonite lock doesn’t seem very generous! Sure it’s not 4-foot (4′)?

    The caramel latte gels look interesting – normally decent stuff from Torq. And the Moto mudguards look like they offer decent coverage!

    That Yeti looks gorgeous but I still can’t get my head around £7k for a mountain bike.

    And I can’t get my head round £30 for an anodised aluminium socket….

    Sure I’ve just seen that Yeti go past me by the Lobmill picnic site unless there be 2 in sunny Tod. Kids leaving the nest only to be replaced soon after by grandchildren every weekend, a very short lived freedom

    Or £50 for a cone tool.

    I like Yeti’s but I’m not completely sold on the burley XC bike trend. I’d love to see a more XC focused variant. 100mm up front/slammed stem etc.

    It would be great if you could pitch a test of US-XC… SB100/Blur/Tracer vs. Euro-XC(World Cup) … Spark/Epic/Scalpel.

    It would also be good to pitch a World Cup bike vs it’s burlier offspring Epic vs. Epic Evo or the Scalpel vs Scalpel SE.

    As for the price. On the whole, high prices have dropped in the last two years. £7k looks like a bargain if have the cash to splash. Not long ago Cannondale wanted £9.5k for a Scalpel!

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