This Sterling Silver Orange Five XTR Is Stunning!

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Orange’s stand at Eurobike is full of new colour options for the coming year, but there was 1 bike in particular that grabbed our attention.

Can you really say ‘No’ when someone asks if you want to take photos of an Orange 5 dripping with XTR? No, of course, you can’t.

Orange Five XTR
Dripping with top-notch kit.

The Orange Five XTR is a new bike build option for the Orange range and will be completely customisable meaning that you can choose to have an entire 1 x 12 XTR groupset or choose only the parts you wish from the Japanese drivetrain maker.

Orange Five XTR
Sterling silver colour looks amazing in the flesh.

The bike built up for Eurobike features Shimano’s ‘Race’ brakes which are 2 pot brakes, but we guess the majority of customers would opt for the ‘Enduro’ 4 pot options.

Orange Five XTR
This build will set you back £6300. Best get saving.

Any XTR build wouldn’t be complete without top of the range suspension and this Orange Five boasts a Fox Factory 36 fork, X2 rear shock and Transfer dropper post all with glittery gold Kashima coating.

To really get the single pivot popping, ‘Sterling Silver’ has been reintroduced as an Orange colour option, and it is stunning in the flesh.

Orange Five XTR
Any takers?

Orange don’t currently have an ETA on XTR groupsets but say that flagship builds will be available as soon as XTR is. If you wanted to build a bike with the same spec as this then you’re going to be looking at a bill of £6300 which isn’t bad for a bike that looks $1million.

More Eurobike 2018 and Orange news on the way.

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    Basically Orange are charging FULL retail price on the parts, plus a bit of margin. No benefit in buying a complete bike from them. I do hope they have sorted out the QC and cracking issue that seem apparent of late. Especially on a bike of this price.

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