Spotted: Clothing brand Rocday bring fashion to the trails

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Earthy tones, modern designs and high-end fabrics spotted at Eurobike 2018 from Polish clothing brand Rocday. Hiding outside in a very modest stand, I was drawn in by the jersey on display and on closer inspection found it to be one of the (if not THE) nicest pieces of clothing I’ve seen here so far. The designs are simple, the colours are toned down and the entire range compliments itself as opposed to that ‘full kit’ look. Fashion aside, these jerseys are really lightweight and flexible without losing the solid, bold look of an everyday shirt. I’d put them somewhere in between a technical tee and an actual jersey.

eurobike rocday clothing
Jerseys you can wear everyday

A wide range of colours and designs spread over both long and short sleeved jerseys, you’d be hard pressed not to find something you like. All the jerseys are made from high-end technical fabric that is strong, breathable and moisture wicking. The fabric is put through a special Swiss antimicrobial material treatment called Sanitized® which enhances all-day freshness.

eurobike rocday clothing
‘We are mountain bike riders’ – a company slogan to relate to

The jerseys feature an extended body to keep your back covered when hunched over a bike, are flexible for comfort and include slightly longer sleeves to meet with elbow pads for those who wear them. For those who don’t, you can extend your T-shirt tan. A soft neck line and an inner goggle wipe complete the design.

rocday clothing eurobike
Lightweight and heavy shorts available in a full range of colours
rocday clothing eurobike
Extended leg to meet with knee pads

The shorts come in two styles, Roc and Roc Lite. Roc Lite are lightweight comfort designed for mountain and trail riding, but also great holiday shorts (they actually say great to wear to the beach after a ride, but how often does that happen in the UK?). The Roc shorts are heavier duty with added stretch, and are aimed for bigger mountains and enduro riding. Both styles have waist adjustment straps, deep pockets and a drying hook.

rocday clothing eurobike
How handy!
rocday clothing eurobike
Prototype jacket on display

Along with a wide range of socks and gloves Rocday also had a prototype jacket on display so we know there’s more to come from them. Currently only available direct from their website for the UK with plans to get a distributor.

rocday clothing
Everybody likes fresh socks


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