This Plastic 3D Printed Frame Costs Just 7,999 Euros!

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3D printed frames are nothing new we’ve seen them work and we’ve seen them fail, and generally its the plastic flavored 3D printed frames that have a less than stellar track record.

So when we saw this hardtail frame hanging in the corner of the White Stone booth we were keen to ask if it was ridable or not.

whitestone 3d printed frame
3D printed frame for a price.

Upon further questioning, we discovered that this plastic frame is printed in as a single item rather than in sections and bonded together and that it takes upwards of 110 hours to complete a single frame. So not exactly a quick process.

whitestone 3d printed frame
Apparently, this frame is strong enough to ride.

White Stone did reveal that the frame is ridable and although it is a prototype they would happily take orders for anyone wanting their very own 7,990 Euro custom plastic frame. But before any of you do hit the “Buy Now” button, it’s worth knowing that they are working on a better version of the frame with carbon inserts to make it even lighter, stiffer and (we assume) more expensive.

whitestone 3d printed frame
At least it’s light!

If 2.4kg 3D printed frames aren’t your bag, then White Stone also had a couple of lightweight carbon mountain bikes decked out in loud paint jobs and a selection of top-notch German components.

Super light German air forks.

The White Stone WS S16 Zero is a hardtail XC bike built to be ultralightweight and sports a very rare Answer Xcite Zero Air suspension fork along with a mix of Syntace, Magura, and SRAM Eagle components.

Boutique styling and prices to match!

Prices for the WS S16 Zero start at 4,999 Euros rising to 8,794 Euros with the lightest build weighing in at only 8.215kg.

For XC racers who need 100mm of rear travel.

If you prefer your lightweight XC racer to have a little give in the backend then you may want to turn your attention to the White Stone WS 582 Zero, sporting a similar build kit to its hardtail brother and only a slightly heavier weight of 9.450kg. Prices range from 5,499 Euro to 8,439 Euros.

Neither White Stone gets a dropper as standard.

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