Spotted: From Walmart To The Skate Park

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What the? Wandering around Eurobike, there was no way this wasn’t going to catch your eye. I mean, look at it. Is it amazing, or incredibly ugly?

Ugly stick or glamour puss?
Yay or nay?
What is this pattern? Disco giraffe?

And then, what is that? It’s er…carbon…with things that might be components attached.

Very fast at supermarket sweep?

Cue a round of eyeball tennis. Left, bling, right…that, left, kerching, right, um… What was going on?

Same headbadge, same company.

This is the strange world of Hyper. Started as a high end BMX brand by former rider Clay Goldsmid who found himself injured and unable to compete anymore, Hyper sells over a million bikes a year through Walmart, but also still produces high end bikes and components.

The carbon hardtail costs under $500 from Walmart, while this downhill bike is a money-can’t-buy glitter show bike.

Ok, we want this.

Then there’s some rather nice BMX bike action, including a whole bunch of oil slick finish parts and a frame.

Not a DVO sapphire
If Elvis rode a bike.

More super shiny glitz in the form of this blue peacock of a bike, again with all the DVO suspension – not something you’ll find in Walmart.

We’d love to be able to tell you more, but the guy on the stand was some kind of paper shuffler rather than a trail shredder, so he couldn’t actually tell us too much. So we’re left to speculate, and hope that maybe one day the paper shuffler will get his papers in a twist and some of those oil slick BMX bikes will end up in Walmart. It would certainly liven up the weekly shop.

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    Carbon frame on a £300 bike.

    One of the few redeeming features about BSO’s is that they’re 90% recyclable, which helps as most end up at the tip in a few years.

    This is an unwelcome ‘innovation’.

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